Monster Hunter World Deviljho Release Date Confirmed

by Sammy Chan
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Capcom dropped a whole lot of information yesterday during their live stream. Alongside many other updates we’re getting, we finally got the Monster Hunter World Deviljho release date confirmed! Here we thought the game couldn’t get any better after that Devil May Cry collaboration announcement. But, they sure proved us wrong! Let’s jump right into the updates and changes coming to Astera.

The World Eater And Fireworks

Deviljho will be making his appearance next week on March 22! He will have his very own special assignment named “The Food Chain Dominator”. A new specialized tool, Dragonproof Mantle, is also being added to the game. If you hadn’t completed the main investigation that wants you to look for “???? Rathien”, make sure to do it. That quest is your key to unlocking Deviljho and having him terrorize every high-rank map you’re in. Sounds fun? Totally. Plus, new monster means new armor! We won’t insert the picture in the post in case some people don’t want the spoiler but click here for Vangis α and here for Vangis β.

Spring Seasonal Celebration

The Spring Blossom Fest will be coming to Astera starting April 6 to April 9. The Gathering Hub itself is getting a quick makeover to fit the festive mood and you’ll find NPCs all dressed up too! During the whole event period, daily login lucky vouchers will be increased to two vouchers instead of the usual one voucher.

As many fans have requested, Hunter Appearance Ticket is also getting added to the game. You’ll get the first one for free some time tomorrow, March 16. Subsequent tickets can be purchased from your respective console store later on.
To read about all the weapon adjustment and changes, check out the patch note here. Also, no date was given regarding the DMC collaboration so we’ll just have to wait a little longer!

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