Fortnite Streamer Ninja And Drake Duo To Break Twitch Record

by Sammy Chan

Fortnite just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The game’s biggest streamer, Ninja, played a few duo matches with acclaimed rapper, Drake. The topic has become the talk of the town. Many are wondering how Ninja and Drake duo ended up happening and breaking Twitch record.

Drake And Pineapple On Pizza?

The stream included not only Fortnite gameplay but also some entertaining banter between Drake and Ninja. The two talked about what they both enjoyed about the game and exchanged thoughts about whether pineapple belonged on pizza. The verdict? Drake likes pineapple on pizza with chicken but he doesn’t eat meat anymore.
But then here’s the story behind how Drake ended up on Ninja’s stream. Apparently, Drake has already been following the Battle Royale Scene for a while now. He first saw Ninja when his teamĀ Luminosity Gaming won the PUBG LAN Tournament in Gamescom 2017. Since then, Ninja has swapped over to Fortnite and started posting his Fortnite game clips on Instagram.
Drake’s been playing Fortnite for about a month or two and follows Ninja on Instagram. Eventually, the rapper reached out to Ninja and asked to play a few rounds. During their first game, he told Ninja:

“You know, we stay in the studio for so long. Like sometimes like 20 hours. 15 – 20 hours. It’s just nice to take up a little mental break. We squad up– we suck, you know? But we still try to do our thing.”

Because of their little duo, Ninja’s channel broke the Twitch record of having the most viewers on stream with over 600,000 concurrent viewers. Drake’s tweet on Twitter may have helped.Ninja and Drake Duo
Ninja had already recently broken the record for having the most followers on Twitch at 3 million. On top of that, he is also the most subscribed solo channel on Twitch with almost 180,000 subscribers and he’s showing no signs of slowing down.
If you want to watch the full length of the stream you can check it out on Ninja’s YouTube channel.

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