Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna heading to Fighting EX Layer

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ARIKA has recently announced they are adding Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna Fighting EX Layer character roster. The best part is both of these characters will be available to download for free. More details regarding the release dates will be unveiled at EVO2018, which will be taking place at Las Vegas on August 3.

On the side note, Fighting EX Layer will also have an update before the end of July. The update will contain an Arcade Mode as well as the option to return to Training Mode after finishing an Online Match. For those fans that are enjoying the game thus far, surely these updates are the things to look forward to.

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Volcano Rosso

Screengrab via ARIKA Ex Facebook


  • After graduating from the Organization, Rosso began his new life as the “Narcissist Detective”.
  • Although initially, he didn’t intend on taking a request from a certain rich princess,
    once he heard the target was Jack he changed his mind.
  • Besides, he has to collect the money Jack owes him from their Poker games!

Pullum Purna

Screengrab via ARIKA Ex Facebook


  • After her father’s disappearance, Purna rose up and governed her country in his stead.
  • While trying to figure out a way to escape from the boredom of her daily life, Purna discovered a clue about her father’s disappearance.
  • After sharing this information with her people, Purna declared that she herself would go out in search for him.
  • Noticing her attendant Darun was also missing, she resolved to search for him as well.

For those interested in the game, Fighting EX Layer, it is currently available exclusively on the PS4.

Sources: ARIKA (facebook)

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