Mobile Star League: Week one day one MSL schedule with predictions

by Sammy Chan
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The Mobile Star League is finally ready to kick off! Here’s your week one day one MSL schedule to help you keep track of all the matches happening. All eight teams will be competing in a best of two double round robins. This means every team will be facing each other twice during the group stage. The matches begins tomorrow, July 10 with the first match kicking off at 8 PM.

Match One @ 8 PM

Who’s playing:
Match prediction:
IDNS is a pretty scary organization, they have really good players and this is proven by their multiple wins in various tournaments. Remember the time where the whole organization swept the top spots for the Singapore Cup? As for EVOS, they have had the same rosters for the longest time not to mention the performance decline we’ve been witnessing. Unless EVOS can shake things up and surprise their opponent, IDNS will probably take this one.

Match Two @ 8:35 PM

Who’s playing:
Match prediction:
Both teams are fan favorites of Malaysian Mobile Legends fans. However, with the Mysterious Assassins undergoing a huge roster change, they might need some time before the synergy kicks in. The Saiyans, on the other hand, picked up Soloz and promoted their team leader to coach. They still have problems closing games plus they did lose to MYA back in MPL SG/MY earlier this year. This game could go both ways so we’ll just have to see!

Match Three @ 9:30 PM

Who’s playing:
Match prediction:
Despite placing third place in MSC 2017, Team Solid Gaming lost most of its main roster plus they are rather new. This is the same case with Resurgence. They are pretty new and being a good organization aside, they still need to prove themselves. This is definitely a rookie’s match of the day. We’re favoring Resurgence in this case simply because they already have a solid team to start with.
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Match Four @ 10:15 PM

Who’s playing:
Match prediction:
Bigetron Esports is another powerhouse organization in this league besides IDNS. Having picked up two strong players from IDNS including ly4ly4ly4, Bigetron is pretty confident that they can shoot for the start in MSL. RRQ, on the other hand, is another team that has been intact since last year. Hopefully, the can learn from their mistakes that cost them the win during the MPL final and come back stronger in MSL. Again, we’re leaning towards BTR winning but this is the match to watch. Curious about the founding of Mobile Star League? Find out here.

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