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It is pretty obvious that everyone is hype throughout the duration of the World Cup 2018. Can’t get enough of football fever? Now is your chance since FIFA18 on PlayStation Store MY is offering up to 71% off until 15 July.

Which edition of FIFA 18 to choose?

On the PlayStation Store, there are 3 choices for FIFA18. These choices are the base game of FIFA18, The Ronaldo Edition and the Icon Edition. Unsure what is in these editions? Well, let me share with you the details below.

Base Game

With the base game, you get the traditional FIFA game. The base game now includes the 2018 FIFA WORLD CUP RUSSIA update, which you will need an internet connection to download the update. This update gives you the chance for you to experience the greatest tournament on earth through authentic gameplay, teams, stadiums, and more.

That’s not all, you can now also create your international dream team with the FIFA WORLD CUP ULTIMATE TEAM. Build your team and bring glory to the international flag.

The base game is originally priced at RM219 but is currently priced at RM63.51 (71% off).

Ronaldo Edition

With the Ronaldo Edition, you will get everything the base game gets with some add-ons. The Ronaldo Edition includes a FUT ICON 3-match Player Loan as well as 3000 FIFA Points.

The Ronaldo Edition is originally priced at RM299 but is currently priced at RM98.67 (67% off).

ICON Edition

Now the last one is the ICON Edition, which is similar to the Ronaldo Edition. You get all the cool stuff and the game, but instead of just getting 3000 FIFA Points, you will be getting 8000 FIFA Points instead.

This ICON Edition was originally priced at RM329 but is currently going at RM164.50 (50%).

It is never too late to dive into the world of football. With these prices, what are you waiting for? Live you World Cup fantasy in FIFA18.

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