FFXIV: Heaven on High vs. Palace of the Dead (Loot List Included)

by Sammy Chan

The new deep dungeon is out! Problem is, it’s just like the Palace of The Dead. If you were playing during Heavensward days, you may be having flashbacks. Plus, depending on how much of PoTD you did, those flashbacks may not be good ones. So you may be a little reluctant to step into something that’s just a higher level version of PoTD. So let’s take a look at the differences and similarities between Heaven on High and Palace of the Dead!

Loot is considerably better in Heaven On High

When the Palace of the Dead first came out, it only came up to floor 50. Not only that but the loots really provided no incentive to actually run the content. So when floor 200 came out, though the loot got a lot better, there was just too many floors for a very small chance at good loot.
Heaven On High, on the other hand, gives players a wide variety of loots to get from the silver-haloed sacks alone. And of course, you have your fair share of trash loot like fireworks and Materia Vs. But it seems like good loot is considerably easier to get with less effort in Heaven on High. It’s like Christmas everytime you complete ten floors.

Aetherpool is easier to gain

It is ridiculous how easy it is to gain levels on your Empyrean Armor in Heaven on High. Just to put into context how easy it is to get to 99/99 for both your aetherpool – if you get to floor 70 at least twice in HoH it will get your pool close to 80/80. But, you have to make sure you open all your silver chests.
Compared to PoTD where it was almost impossible to gain aetherpool from the lower levels, HoH doesn’t require you to be on higher floors to keep on gaining aetherpool levels.

The view is much nicer

Heaven on High:

Screengrab via FFXIV

Palace of The Dead:

Screengrab via FFXIV

Need I say more? I get sad just looking at it.
As you climb higher and higher in Heaven On High, the landscape changes more drastically and no, it doesn’t just get more depressing like it does in PoTD. Well, at least not as depressing as PoTD.

Screengrab via FFXIV

The floors above 80 look pretty amazing though.

Screengrab via FFXIV

100 Floors vs 200 Floors

Palace of The Dead has 200 floors but Heaven on High only has 100 floors. Though the mobs in HoH hit considerably harder, 200 floors are just 100 floors too many. You don’t need eight hours minimum to get to the top floor.
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Level 70 Gameplay vs Level 60 Gameplay

You can only use skills up to level 60 in PoTD but you can use ALL your skills in HoH. In my opinion, I rather have all my skills when I’m doing something as grindy as Deep Dungeon. Especially if I’m using HoH as a way to level my job, I would rather have all my skills so I can practice my end-game habits for the class.

The Frog Trap vs Odder Otter Trap

Instead of turning into a frog when you step on a trap, you turn into an Odder!
Palace of The Dead:

Screengrab via FFXIV

Heaven on High:

Screengrab via FFXIV

As much as I like the frog, it’s not an otter so Heaven On High wins this one.

You Get Buffs From A Shiba

Screengrab via FFXIV

Random NPCs are wandering around in Heaven On High just waiting to give you buffs. There are three different NPCs that will give you different buffs. Seeing one of these NPCs appear when you’re on the grind helps boost your morale. Other NPCs include Komainu and Fat Cat.

Magicite makes your life easier

Just like Pomanders, you can pick up Magicites from chests or killing mobs. Picking these up will let you use it to wipe out a whole floor or greatly damage the bosses. Magicites includes Ifrit, Garuda, Titan, and Odin.

Get to floor 100 for four times and get this mount

Palace of the Dead doesn’t give you a mount when you clear the 200th Floor four times, you’re lucky if you get it.

The verdict

Heaven on High is just considerably more interesting. When compared to PoTD which is grey, glum and gloomy, HoH provides a fresh look on Deep Dungeon. In terms of repetition, both Deep Dungeons are equally guilty. However, that’s just the nature of the content. So far, the only thing Heaven on High has going for them is the fact that it’s new content so everyone wants a bite of it. But after the 10th or 20th time loading in there, you might have a different opinion of it so enjoy it while you can!
The new loots are probably one of the driving sources of the content. The Empyrean crafting items go for a decent price on the market board so this is a good chance to earn some gil. Plus you can wrack up some minion counts if you didn’t bother with crafting the ARR minions.
HoH is also a great place to do some casual level 70 content with friends. Just load in there and see how high your party can get. The best part is that you’ll get to keep all your Stormblood skills and you won’t be affected by gear discrepancies. Just remember to have fun and good luck for those of you shooting for floor 100!

Loot list:

Orchestrion Rolls:
Far East of Eorzea
Parting Ways
Empyrean Necklace
Wind-Up Cirina
Frilled Dragon
Silver-Haloed Sack
Gold-Haloed Sack
Platinium-Haloed Sack
Ballroom Etiquette – Excessive Petticoats
Things You Do Not Want To Get:
Silver-Haloed Sack:

Image via Square Enix

Modern Aesthetics – Gyr Albanian Plait
Various Corsages
Dried Oldrose
Wanyudo & Katasharin Card
Odder Otter
Thavnairian Bustier
Wind-up Susano
Road Sparrow
Bom Boko Minion
Wind-up Lakshmi
Shaggy Shoat Minion
Wind-up Bismarck
Wind-up Shiva Minion
Korpokkur Minion
Wind-up Ramuh Minion
Gestahl Minion
Morpho Minion
Zurvanite Barding
Revel Barding
Blessed Barding
Hive Barding
Tidal Barding
Empyrean Pine Log
Gold-Haloed Sack:
Poison Ivy Orchestrion Roll
Dwarf-Bunny Minion
Bibliophobia Orchestrion Roll
Riptide Orchestrion
Halberd Of The Round
Empyrean Clay
Platinium-Haloed Sack:
Dodo Mount
Heaven-on-high Outdoor Furnishing
Primal Weapons
Empyrean Tomestone (Can be exchanged for a miniature tabletop shrine)
*Note: Many of the lower tiers loots overlap with the higher tier sacks but you can’t get higher tiered loot in a low tiered sack.

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Jake Lange 09/07/2018 - 11:27 pm

Not sure if it helps. I’ve gotten Odder Otter and Wind up Bismarck from silver Halo sacks.

Isabelle Chua 10/07/2018 - 12:54 pm

Thanks! Will add that in

Zoeeee 11/07/2018 - 12:50 am

I got blessed barding from silver halo sack hopefully that means we get reveler’s barding from that as well but we’ll see:D

Isabelle Chua 11/07/2018 - 10:18 am

Thank you! Will update the list!

Karim 11/07/2018 - 4:01 am

You can also acquire a miniature Heaven on High outdoor furnishing from a platinum hoard, as well as numerous primal weaponry.
And you can also use a clear token to grab a miniature tabletop shrine.

Isabelle Chua 11/07/2018 - 10:21 am

Thanks for the info! Updated the list

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Kory v Moore 18/07/2018 - 10:11 am

You also get Morpho from silver, got it today and can’t find any guide listing it. Was super happy by it.

Isabelle Chua 18/07/2018 - 12:34 pm

Nice!! Thanks for info and congrats on the majestic butterfly!

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