Get Cheap Mobile Legends:Bang Bang (MLBB) Diamonds on discount!

by Yong Chi Winn
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Gamers take note! You can now buy Mobile Legends:Bang Bang (MLBB) Diamonds on discount! That’s right, SEAGM has got your back for sure! These discounts are applicable for selected denominations, and are available right now.

MLBB Diamonds on sales

  • 875 Diamonds – 5225 SEAGM Credits / RM 55
  • 1825 Diamonds – 10545 SEAGM Credits / RM 111
  • 2191 Diamonds – 12540 SEAGM Credits / RM 132
  • 3681 Diamonds – 20900 SEAGM Credits / RM 220
  • 5522 Diamonds – 315350 SEAGM Credits / RM 330
  • 9280 Diamonds – 52250 SEAGM Credits / RM 550

And we’ll even throw in a Mobile Legends:Bang Bang fun fact for you. Did you know that Malaysia is Mobile Legends’ biggest market? Malaysia takes the cake, followed by Indonesia, and the United States. Bet you didn’t know that now huh? Click the link below, and read more on it.

Anyways, The Mobile Legends:Bang Bang Diamonds Discount will only be available , while stocks last! So hurry, and click the link below to buy your diamonds now!

While you’re at it, do check out our video where we cover “MOBAs Throughout The Years” and find out what the FIRST ever MOBA game was. *Hint*: It’s not DOTA. Confuse? Find out which game was the first one ever!

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