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Set in the land of Shiltz, the game features several different classes, quests, pets, PVP and a unique combat combo system. Seal Online: Blades of Destiny is a free-to-play point-and-click MMORPG published by PLAYWITH Interactive, Inc (US) and supported by GoCash Game Card.

It featured several classes, which allow you to start your journey as a Beginner and choose from the Knight, Warrior, Mage, Priest, Jester, Craftsman, and Hunter classes;

Quests and Groups, Tackle challenging quests and create a party to take on the most powerful monsters;

GoCash Game Card supports Seal Online

You may obtain and raise a Pet to be your sidekick in battle and on your adventures;

And, PvP, Compete with other players to be the top contender in Seal Online’s ranking system.

Seal Online Blades of Destiny

What is a GoCash Game Card?

This time, we have GoCash Game Cards! Founded in 2009, GoCash Game Card! is a global micro-transaction portal website company. Its intention back then was an effort to build a bridge between online gamers worldwide & content providers worldwide.

List of supported games

So what can you use GoCash Game Cards for? This card is mainly for online games where you can get GoCash Game Cards to purchase currency for your intended game and then get in-game items.

Here’s a list of some games supported by GoCash Came Card:

  • 1100AD
  • 4Story
  • 9 Dragons
  • A.V.A (MMO)
  • A.V.A. (FPS)
  • Age of Conan: Unconquered
  • Audition Online
  • Black Gold Online
  • Black Shot
  • Blizkrieg 3
  • Bounty Bay Online: Atlantis
  • Bounty Hounds Online
  • C9: Continent of the 9th Seal
  • CABAL 2
  • Cabal Online
  • Call of Gods
  • Dragon Pals
  • KAL Online
  • MicroVolts
  • Pirate Galaxy
  • Stronghold Kingdoms
  • Seal Online: Blades of Destiny

To view the full list, head on over here.

GoCash Game Card is now available on SEAGM for Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, The republic of Peru, and globally. Links are at the bottom.

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