How Much is Spotify Premium? Here are the options.

by Sammy Chan
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Always find yourself grooving to that awesome track on Spotify, and then interrupted by an ad in between songs? Or maybe you just want to forward through your playlist, and then find yourself stuck after six skips? Get rid of ads with Spotify Premium, and with various gift cards offer by SEAGM, you may save several bucks from there.

With Spotify Premium, you get unlimited skips, no ad interruptions, and you get to download your favorite tunes for offline listening!

Spotify Premium Gift Cards New Countries

Anyways, while this isn’t exactly a new product on SEAGM, we now have Spotify Gift Cards covering a WIDER range! We’re talking about Austria, Spain, France, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, and Portugal!

Now you can finally listen to your favorite tracks uninterrupted, skip as you wish and avoid the annoying ads.

Get your Spotify Gift Cards at the links below. You may consider it as a gift to all your family and friends.

Spotify premium available on SEAGM

Besides, Spotify also offerings different plan for different markets, there are Spotify Free, Spotify Student and Spotify Family Plan

Spotify Free

Spotify Free allows you to listen to anything you want, but with ads in between. You are restricted to choose tracks you want to listen to, though. Instead, you need to shuffle an artist, album, genre, or playlist. Curated playlists and offline listening are also unavailable, it works like a Radio.

Spotify Student

If you have a valid student email address you may get Spotify Premium for just $5 per month. All you need to is re-register as a student after a year, or Spotify will strip you of the Premium and start charging you the full premium price.

Spotify Family Plan

Sharing is caring. The $15 per month family plan let you share the music streaming experience up to six people on one account, and come with parental control option. That’s just $2.50 per person per month if you register six people

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