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The month of May is proving worthwhile for Mobile Legend Bang Bang, We’re talking up to 55% off for Epic and Special skins! You read that right. It’s MLBB’s 515 eParty Event! Not forgetting, a new Starlight Membership, and a music video… Uhhmmmm… Okay?

Starlight Membership

Anyways let’s get right into it. With May’s Starlight Membership, the skins that we have are: 

  • Valir – Dictator skin

  • Hayabusa – Biological Weapon
  • Selena – Double Identity
  • Grock – Iceland Golem
    • Yi Sun-Shin – Azure Sentry
    NightWing Vibes with Yi Sun-Shin | Source:

    All at Level 1. Upon reaching Level 2, there’s a Chill Summer painted skin for Claude. There are many more rewards as you level up, but the main event here is Yi Sun-Shin’s Sacred Statue at level 60. If that entices you, (especially that Azure Sentry skin!), and you’re looking to get a Starlight Membership Pass, we’ve got you covered here at SEAGM. Plus, we’ve got a tutorial to help you out as well:

    What’s coming in MLBB’s 515 eParty?

    Moving on to the 515 eParty event. A new Ravage Mode is hitting the game which features Beatrix taking on 9 different weapons and Ultimates. The game is fast paced and lasts for only 2 – 4 minutes. Players will have to quickly collect 15 aquamarines to win. 

    There are also free heroes and skins for 515. Redeem your new Hero on the 11th of May and free 515 exclusive skins like Lylia’s 515 skin from the 13th till the 31st of May. There’s also a theme song featuring S.T.U.N. It’s called “Together”, and features members Chou as a Rapper / Dancer, Brody as a DJ / Rapper, and Selena as a Vocalist.

    Source: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Official Youtube Channel

    In conjunction with that, there are also exclusive S.T.U.N skins available right now until the 15th of June! 515 will also see the return of 3 popular Arcade modes:

    • Mayhem Mode
    • Ravage Mode 
    • Shadow Brawl

    There is also a 515 Avatar Border, and Battle Emote.

    What’s up with that 55% sale?

    As posted on the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang official Twitter page, players will get to enjoy up to 55% off on selected items. It will also see the return of Limited Skins and so much more! All these are in line with the 515 eParty event that we were just talking about earlier. The sale starts on May 12th and will last till the 16th of May.

    So what exactly will be on discount? Well, we have classic skins with up to 55% off, selected Elite & Special Skins for up to 35% off, and selected Special and Epic skins for up to 25% off. There’s also a mention of more Heroes, Items, and Discounts which await. To conclude, the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang 515 eParty is packing a punch, and we can’t wait for it to kick in. 

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    Anyways, what are you most looking forward to in the 515 eParty? Let us know down below! Also, if you’re looking for Diamonds, you bet SEAGM has MLBB Diamonds at a good price to boot! Don’t wait too long though, as the Starlight Membership for May has already started. So go get it now!

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