PUBG Mobile Update LEAKS – Royale Pass Season 19, Godzilla vs. Kong

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PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 19 details are now out in the open thanks to the advance server updates. On May 5, all 100RP rewards of Season 19’s Royale Pass, named Traverse, were disclosed to the public. It releases May 16 alongside PUBG Mobile’s Season 19 update, after Season 18 ends on May 15. Additionally, the PUBG Mobile x Godzilla vs. Kong collaboration event will take place May 11.

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PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 19 Rewards

Coming May 16 is Royale Pass Season 19. The pass, Traverse, will once again feature a free and premium version, with 100 tiers of rewards to unlock. Traverse takes on a fantastical nature concept, with the skins taking after armored insects. The trailer also shows off a raging army of soldiers rushing down a structure, similar to the nature of ants.

season 19 royale pass

It’s a list of a HUNDRED rewards, so we will take the easy way out and link you up with a video below. As readers can see, there will be a variety of new emotes, character skins, accessories and weapon skins to be earned throughout the pass. Additionally, like with every pass, players will have the chance to earn back the 600 UC they spent by completing the pass.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Season 19 will also be home to the Godzilla vs. Kong collaboration to goes live this Tuesday, May 11. So far, we’ve got three teaser trailers of the event as well as heaps of data-mine leaks from the internet. We can expect new cosmetics to come into the store once the Blood Raven serves it’s time.

The Godzilla Kong collaboration will introduce adorable new companions as well as fiery new skins for the crate rewards.

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