Silvanna USELESS Now?! 22 Nerfed and Buffed Heroes | MLBB 1.5.62

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Silvanna is looking to be Nerfed A LOT in the coming 1.5.62 patch for MLBB alongside many other tweaks. We’re talking Argus, Bane, Brody, Benedetta, Yi-Sun Shin, Mathilda, Paquito, Silvanna, Angela, Aurora, Johnson, Terizla, Wanwan, Barats, Yu Zhong, Lapu-Lapu, Alpha, Vale, Dyrroth, Esmeralda, Popol & Kupa, and Moskov.



Starting with Argus, who will see the most changes, especially on the original skill system, which will be fine tuned with unique mechanics. Passive grants the next basic attack an extra 2 strikes (instead of just 1). Attack Speed will be modified with a new mechanic where he can now unleash the second part of this skill right after, although his second skill is still pretty much the same. The same goes to his Ultimate skill, retaining that 5 second immunity. Expect new Argus artwork to greet your screens as well.


Arguably one of the heroes whom players are looking forward to a rework the most. With that said, basic attacks are up from 160 – 190% to 150 – 200%. Crab Claw Cannon skill sees a 20% increase. Likewise for his Rum skill, multiple buffs, and the Ultimate skill which is set to deal 600 – 1000 damage plus 200% Magic Power. With this rework, it will be a bit easier to push early game with Bane now.


While Bane might receive a ton of buffs, Brody on the other hand might be nerfed. Corrosive Strike, and Torn Apart Memory might see some pretty big drops, although a minor physical attack bonus from a 100% to 180% should balance this change out.


Flexibility restricted, due to a longer cooldown added on Phantom Slash and Alecto: Final Blow. Although Final Blow might be seeing a damage buff.

Yi Sun-Shin

Heavenly Vow critical damage to be nerfed, with first enhanced basic attack will be set at 60 – 100%, but second attack will be buffed at 60 – 75%. Mountain Shocker will no longer have its slow effect, but cooldown will be reduced.


So Mathilda might be looking at buffs overall to Ancestral Guidance, and Soul Bloom, with damage increased by 60.


Our favourite boxer Paquito might have his base shield reduced to 150 – 500. His Jab Skill an increase of 120% attack bonus, which will also increase his enhanced damage. Lastly for Paquito, his Knockout Strike’s skill range might be slightly widened.


Balancing out former adjustments, Silvanna is looking to be nerfed. A LOT. Ratio of her Attack speed inherited might drop by 20%, Knightess Resolve might see a drop in damage although it might gain passive stacks with basic attacks. Spiral Strangling might be looking to deal less damage, and Imperial Justice might receive a higher cooldown. Sad Silvanna :-(.


Angela’s Love Waves is looking to be buffed with higher magic power bonus and Base HP Regen. Heartguard might see an increased magic shield bonus and a lower cooldown, BUT a lower base shield as well. Why? Well, quite possibly to clear up the setting of her skills usage.


Expect to see Aurora become the main Magic Damage dealer of her team in the late game. Pride of Ice might see a reduced Damage bonus to frozen targets. Frost Shock however could be seeing an increased Magic Power Bonus. And her Cold Destruction skill’s Base damage might be reduced, although it does receive a massive 60% buff in magic power bonus. 



Some changes might be in place to raise Johnson’s skill ceiling. Warning mechanic to be enhanced, giving opponents time to react. Rapid Touchdown might be adjusted, with his sight being exposed for 3 seconds after he starts driving.


Terizla’s Body of Smith’s skill max damage might see a reduction. Execution Strike damage to minions might see an increase of 40%, and Penalty Zone might have a lower cooldown.


Wanwan’s Tiger Pace and Swallows Path skills might be nerfed. Crossbow of Tang on the other hand might be buffed, especially it’s physical attack bonus which now counts towards criticals.


Barats was boosted previously. To top of it off, now, his Big Guy skill might see an increased max HP bonus for basic attacks. His So-Called Teamwork’s max HP Bonus on 1st damage might be increased to balance out his previous boost.

Yu Zhong

Adjustments might be in place for Yu Zhong, specifically to separate his role from acting like a Tank. His base HP and HP Growth might be dropped by 200 and 195 respectively, and Furious Drive might have a longer cooldown.


Another hero that might also be on the receiving end of a nerf, is Lapu-Lapu, whose damage might be slightly reduced for the Homeland Defender and Raging Slash skills.


It seems like Alpha, on the other hand, might receive a HP growth buff, increased damage to Force Swing, and lower cooldown for Spear of Alpha.


Some adjustments might be made to Vale that is aimed to neutralise the disparity between the first skill and second. Wind Blade might see a reduced cooldown, whereas Windblow’s Magic Power Bonus for whirlwind hits might see an increase.


His early stage regen capability see’s a possible increase. What this does to his Wrath of the Abyss skill, is an increased HP regenerated from basic attacks.


Esmeralda’s early to mid game strength might be reduced. Same goes to Frostmoon Shield’s Base generated, as well as Falling Starmoon’s Immobility duration.


The Abyss Walker Skill attack speed might be increased, enhancing Moskov’s ability to farm and fight early to mid game.

Popol & Kupa

And finally, Popol & Kupa! Not much changes, except for Popol’s Surprise which might have a new effect. One that exposes the locations of trapped enemies!

And that’s it for Nerf’s and Buff’s that might be heading to Patch 1.5.62. What are your thoughts? Above all, is your favourite hero in the list? Let us know below. Looking for a full recap of Update 1.5.62? Do check that one out as well. 

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