PUBG Season 8 Details – Loot Trucks, and all About Sanhok

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New Season, New Updates

Season 8 of PUBG is here and with it comes new game play elements, skins, and more. “Sanhok” gets a massive graphical and geographical rework. A new ranked Season, Survivor Pass and a number of new features such as the Loot Truck are also being introduced. “PUBG” Season 8 has already rolled out PC, and will land on consoles July 30, 2020.

PUBG’s latest Survivor Pass, “Payback” features almost 100 new skins as you explore the revamped “Sanhok”. As per usual, complete special missions to unlock unique cosmetics. You now earn more XP proportional to your survival time, and can earn up to 7200 XP per day.

The “Loot Truck” is a Compelling Addition

A prominent new feature being introduced are “Loot Trucks”. These damage-soaking behemoths travel the roads of Sanhok, and drop valuable loot as they are damaged. Destroying a truck completely causes an explosion and subsequently drops the best loot. Needless to say, engaging with these behemoths are risky as they will surely be the center of attention. Loot trucks spawn one at a time, and a maximum of four Loot trucks will spawn during a single match.

“Sanhok” Rework

Next, let’s move on the map reworks. There are now better architecture and environments in “Sanhok”. Landmarks in “Ruins”, “Mountain”, and “Cave” are now significantly changed with either bigger structures or entirely different assets. These changes are introduced with the concept of securing power-points in mind. The newly introduced buildings and landscape serve as a variety of added cover for players, leading way to new flanking tactics as well as counterplay measures. “River” has also been updated. Gone are the days of being forced to swim across; new means of traversal and added cover now gives players more freedom of choice when it comes to crossing the river.

pubg sanhok map changes
Several iconic locations are getting massive reworks to give players new tactics and gameplay approaches

Other notable changes

These aren’t the only map changes introduced; there’s loads more. Village roads are now wider to accommodate the aforementioned Loot Trucks. “Mongnai” is now “Airfield” and “Docks” is now “Getaway”. The changes are to be introduced to reward players better for dropping at the mentioned locations.

Moving on to the balance updates;

  • Panzerfaust has been added to world spawn loot.
  • Some vehicle spawn locations have been deleted to not interrupt the Loot Truck’s path.

Some gameplay elements are also undergoing reworks.

Furthermore, Gas Cans are getting some “improvements”. Spilled fueled now camouflages better with the environment, making it more difficult to detect and avoid. You can throw gas cans, and fuel also splatters in larger patterns. Additionally, the fire burns longer, at around 20 seconds. Jerry Can explosions deal less initial damage.

The Parachute Follow Feature has been reintroduced after being removed in update 6.2 due to technical issues.

pubg parachute leader
The Parachute Follow Feature has been reintroduced after being removed in update 6.2 due to technical issues.

New Skins and Items will be available starting August 5th.

In conclusion, Season 8 is a substantially large update. For a full list of bug fixes and other patch notes, visit the official site. Interested in adding funds to get the new Survivor Pass? Visit SEAGM for reliable Steam Wallet cards for all regions. On the other hand, since you’re here, why not check out our PUBG Mobile coverage?

pubg season 8 cosmetics
For a full list of upcoming items and face paints, head on over to the official PUBG website

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