Mega Man 11 demo available now

by Sammy Chan
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Mega Man 11 demo is now available on the Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be getting the demo later today, September 7. Along with the demo, a new trailer was released revealing a new robot master – Bounce Man. Living up to his name, Bounce Man pretty much bounces around the whole room when you’re going up against him. Even though Bounce Man is a villain, his stage looks more like a kids’ ball pit with lots of balls that Mega Man can utilize to tumble his way through the battle. Have a look at the trailer above.

The Bust Block Man Challenge

Download the demo and blast your way through Block Man’s stage with the help of the beloved robotic dog, Rush. If you’ve beaten Block Man on the normal difficulty, test your mettle on three other difficulties! Players will also get to try out the new Double Gear system implemented in Mega Man 11. On top of that, Mega Man will also get a taste of Impact Man and Fuse Man’s powers. This will definitely be mega-handy in bringing down Block Man.

mega man 11 demo

Screengrab via Capcom Blog

Block Man has built up quite an ego and now, players are given the mission to take him down. Upon completion, players can then share their victories via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the #BustBlockMan hashtag. With every victory shared, the statue of Block Man will be chipped off bit by bit. This is a global mission for all fans of Mega Man. If the mission is a success, then players who participated in the demo will receive a special reward. The reward will be redeemable on the full game when it releases.

Mega Man 11 will be releasing on October 2 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC (Steam). For more information regarding the demo and the new robot master – Bounce Man, head on over to the official Capcom blog.

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