Monster Hunter World Autumn festival is coming

by Sammy Chan
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Monster Hunter World Autumn festival start date was just revealed recently by Capcom. Not only that, the MHW developers also gave some details of what you can expect from the festival. It’s quite unsure whether this will be the last festival of the year or there will be another one comes winter.
The autumn festival will run from September 21 until October 4, 2018. During that period you will be seeing Astera in autumn colors and your handler will be getting a new gothic costume. Not to mention your poogie will also be getting something special in the form of a pumpkin outfit!

Getting in costume for Autumn

There are four types of quests in Monster Hunter World. Assignment quests are the primary quests you need to do in order to progress the story even further. The second quest type is Optional quests and they are as the name implies — optional. These quests provide you with extra rewards and are not mandatory for you to complete if you don’t feel like it. Investigations are the third type of quests that will continuously appear after certain actions are completed in the game. Some examples that trigger investigation quests are beating a monster or capturing it, getting monster parts, or acquiring monster traces like footsteps or their faeces (that’s right).
Finally, we have event quests and these are the quests that come according to season or festivals. In fact, if you still don’t get the gist of it Autumn festival will appear in your event quests tab.
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Monster Hunter World events and festivals will usually last for two weeks so you might want to take advantage of that limited time period to get those special rewards. However, the PC version has a different schedule as compared to the console versions so do take note.

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