Battlefield 5 Beta – Tips & tricks to get you started

by Sammy Chan
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With the release of Battlefield 5 right around the corner, today marks the start of a perfect chance to test out its upcoming multiplayer features. The open beta is, as of now, available for all PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users. While you’re waiting for that download to hit complete, here are a few tips and tricks to keep you in the action and off the respawn screen.

The two different game types

Well, first things first. The beta introduces us to two different games modes. These are Grand Operations and Conquest, both featuring 64 players battling across two different maps.

Grand operations

A series of objective-driven scenarios spread across two in-game “days” with different objectives for different teams. These change and progress are based on two things. It takes into account the map you’re playing on and the team’s progression. Objective ranges between capture the objective and destroying targets.


The returning Battlefield veterans’ go-to multiplayer mode. Involving a clash between two teams with victory achieved by exhausting the enemies ticket supply. This is done by capturing and holding objectives and killing enemy players in an all-out classic battlefield warfare.

Squad objectives

Remember – Battlefield 5 is a team game. Nobody likes a leader that doesn’t lead. Equally so, teammates that don’t follow. If you’re designated as the squad leader you’re in charge of marking up objectives for capture. And if your squad tag along to take down these objectives they are rewarded with some handy squad points. These increase EXP and also giving you access to special drops that benefit your team.

Call in your drops

The better your squad does, the more points you guys will rack up and the faster these will be available to you. If you’re the squad leader don’t forget to call these bad boys in. A tank or 2 could step the line between a win and a loss.

Image via EA

Get familiar with your class

Similar to the previous titles, there are four main classes to choose from. Assault, medic, support, and recon. Each class has access to unique equipment, different weapon sets and a series of special traits to help you turn the tide of battle. Each function differently, and have appointed strengths and weaknesses so make sure you’re familiar with the dos and don’ts of your class. Here are a few starter tips for each before you head out:

The Assault

The first ones out of the gate and usually the head of the charge. Armed with tools such as dynamite, anti-tank mines, and a rocket launcher. These guys pack a punch to anyone or anything standing in their way.

The Medic

See the people yelling “NEED MEDIC”? Well, that’s your cue. This class packs an assortment of submachine guns and an infinite supply of medkits. Along with the ability to revive the recently deceased they are a boon to every squad.

The Support

A versatile class which functions as mobile resupply stations to other players. With available tools including ammo crates, anti-tank mines and S-mines for dealing with a multitude of situations.

The Recon

The designated marksman class. With 3 different riles to choose from for precision aiming. The recon specialists support their team from vantage points with tools such as the spotting scope, the spawn beacon, and the flare gun.

Get building

Image via EA

No cover? No problem! One of the new features implemented is the ability to fortify objectives and build cover. All you have to do is get out your trusty hammer and follow the prompts to craft up your own protection.

There’s no more spotting unless you’re a Recon

For those of you returning from previous Battlefield games, this is a new addition. This time around, spotting works a little differently. Spotting can only be done with the spotting scope and the flare gun, both currently available solely to the Recon class. Its all about keeping your eyes peeled and your finger on the trigger.

Pay attention to the map

The mini-map will be your best friend for scouting out enemies, tanks, allies, and much-needed supply points. Desperately low on ammo/grenades or need a new health pack? Head over to one of these to stock back up.

Maintaining full health

If you’re familiar with previous Battlefield games you’ll know the importance of keeping a full health bar. This time around health packs work a little differently. Each pack can now be used at any time to top you up to full health, but unless you’re a medic you can only carry one at a time. Remember to restock from supply boxes, drops, and medics on the field.

Knowing when to back down

I’m not running away, I’m tactically retreating! This is a fine skill and one that needs mentioning. Sometimes the best way forward is taking a step back to analyze the situation. There’s no point rushing in alone.
On a side note: if If you’re having a hard time surviving, don’t be afraid to buddy up with a few friends even if they’re not from your squad. Running around as a group will increase your survivability greatly. You can pick and choose between squads from the main menu.

Don’t be afraid to get into vehicles (or to try new things)

Part of the fun comes with mixing it up and vehicles themselves are a great way to both score a few kills and have some fun with friends. Tanks especially can be used to take down a multitude of enemies while serving as a squad spawn beacon. With five different tanks and seven different aircrafts available, there’s plenty of mayhem to be had. So don’t be afraid to jump into one of these. Even if you are less than confident. Because what’s the best way to learn? Practice!

Last but not least

Always try to have fun. There are countless ways to play Battlefield 5, which makes it one of the most versatile games out there. So pick a gameplay style that you’re comfortable with, make a few friends, play the way you want, and you’ll be enjoying the game come win or loss.
The open access beta is currently available for everyone and runs from September 6 to September 11, 7 am PT (4 pm CEST). I hope a few of these tips help you dominate the scoreboard, and remember to keep your eyes peeled, your ears open and your head down. That’s all for today folks and I hope the next time I see you, it’ll be on the battlefield.

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