Identity V Season 19 Logic Path Rewards

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Season 19 for Identity V is finally here, and with it comes new Logic Path rewards!

Identity V Season 19 Logic Path Rewards

The Logic Path rewards in Identity V Season 19 bring to mind the fresh winds of spring. Amongst the rewards are a portrait picture, a portrait frame and an accessory.

Identity V Season 19 Login Prompt of Logic Path Rewards

Notification Prompt When You First Login During Season 19

The portrait picture features a cute chibi Gardener in her brand new Season 19 skin, giving a jolly wave.

Identity V Season 19 Logic Path Portrait Picture Reward

Portrait Picture

Next, the portrait frame seems to be made of thin tree branches, which are then draped with white, floaty fabric (just like the sundress) and adorned with dandelions.

Identity V Season 19 Logic Path Portrait Frame Reward

Portrait Frame

Other than that, there is also an B-Tier Dandelion Windchime accessory.

Identity V Season 19 Logic Path Accessory Reward

B-Tier Accessory: Dandelion Windchime

Lastly and most importantly, the centrepiece that rounds off the whole set is the season-limited skin. Just like the portrait picture showed, the skin is for Emma, also known as Gardener. The name of the Season 19 skin is Gardener – As The Wind Blows.

Identity V Season 19 Logic Path Seasonal Skin Reward

A-Tier Skin: Gardener – As The Wind Blows

As you can see, the skin features Gardener in a white, floaty sundress and a wavy sunhat. Not only that, the costume is decorated with dandelions flowers and dandelion seeds. Even her toolkit gets a new look! We can take a closer look at the costume alongside some concept art from a picture in this tweet on the official Identity V Twitter account,

Identity V Season 19 Logic Path Rewards

Overview of the Season 19 Logic Path Rewards

Meanwhile, we found this beautiful close-up illustration of the Dandelion Windchime from the Chinese server.

Season 19 Dandelion Windchime

Dandelion Windchime Illustration

How to Earn Rewards from the Logic Path

To earn rewards from the Logic Path, all players have to do is earn points by playing games. When you finish a game, the points you earn will give you progress to your next dice. These dice can be used in the Logic Path screen to travel down the reward track. Each die will move you forward 1~4 steps.

Here is how many dice you’d need to get each reward:

  1. Portrait Picture: 250 steps, 63~250 dice, an average of 157 dice
  2. Portrait Frame: 502 steps, 126~502 dice, an average of 314 dice
  3. Dandelion Windchime: 1258 steps, 315~1258 dice, an average of 787 dice
  4. Gardener – As the Wind Blows: 1528 steps, 382~1528 dice, an average of 955 dice

That’s a lot of dice needed! Thankfully, you can buy a 30-day pass that’ll give you 3 extra dice every day for only 60 Echoes. Then, if you need the extra boost, you can even use Echoes to roll a super-powerful 20-sided die for fast progress on the track.

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Stay tuned for more updates on Identity V here with SEAGM.

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