Malaysians made history at Capcom Pro Tour Online 2018

by Sammy Chan
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The Capcom Pro Tour Online Ranking Event for South East Asia 1 just ended this past Saturday, June 2 and history has been made as Chuan a.k.a IamChuan won the Capcom Pro Tour Online Ranking Event for Malaysia, which is a first. This has made an even bigger impact as his final opponent was none other than Aron Lim a.k.a NekoXX. NekoXX is also a Malaysian hence making it a Malaysian Grand Finals at the event.
This was no easy feat for both players as there were more than 70 players registered for the tournament itself. And that included Singapore’s very own Xian. He recently participated in the Online Combo Breaker tournament performed extremely well. Sadly, Xian was sent to the loser bracket and subsequently knocked out of this tournament.

The top of the crop

IamChuan and NekoXX are no strangers as they have met on numerous occasions at various Malaysia tournaments. The latter has thus far found a way to deal with IamChuan’s Guile. It was a fantastic Grand Finals as both players were at 2-2 on the first set. NekoXX only needed one more win to be crown Grand Champion. As for IamChuan, he needed the win to reset the bracket since he came from the losers bracket. It was anyone’s game at this point but IamChuan kept his composure and manage to catch NekoXX off guard.

Asia Southeast One Results: Top 8

1st: Chuan [Guile, 150 points]
2nd: Viewsonic | NekoXX [Cammy, 70 points]
3rd: PBE | Don [Akuma, 40 points]
4th: AronManurung [Nash, 20 points]
5th: ALEXNATION | Cogumerlim [Alex, 10 points]
5th: Leslie [Rashid, 10 points]
7th: RAZER | Xian [Ibuki, 1 point]
7th: BK999 [Balrog, 1 point]
These are the points attribution given out for Capcom Pro Tour Online Event. IamChuan managed to top the chart with 150 points with NekoXX trailing behind at 70 points. With this IamChuan is now ranked top 30 in the world leaderboards while NekoXX is at top 50 in the world. All of this can be seen at Capcom Pro Tour Site.


IamChuan standing (Image via Capcom Pro Tour)


NekoXX standing (Image via Capcom Pro Tour)

A little Q&A for both players

Q: What got you into E-sports?
IamChuan: I grew up in arcade scene since 4 years old, which means 1990.

Capcom Pro Tour Online


NekoXX: Since I was a kid, I could not find something that I really feel passionate about. I have tried cooking, music and any other things that every teenager will do, but I just couldn’t find something that I could put 100% effort into it. ‘Till the days I met fighting games, where I learn about the happiness of winning, the regret of losing and the desire to keep improving. These are the things that desire me into E-sports, where I want to win more to continue my journey.
Q: How did it feel having achieved this in the tournament?

Capcom Pro Tour Online


IamChuan: Fruitful after heavy effort, satisfied but need to move further, hopefully, can be qualified for Capcom Cup and of course Capcom Cup Champion.
NekoXX: It feels great to finish top 2 in a CPT tournament, but my heart reminds me to continue to push myself even harder. There are still many other aspects that I can learn and improve in Street Fighter V. Since then, the desire of “I want to improve, I want to play more, I want to win” is getting stronger in my heart.
Q: Any comments and advice for future or new upcoming participants in the Fighting Game Community?
IamChuan: No excuse + Correct Mindset + Healthy Gaming.
NekoXX: You feel happy when you win. You feel regret when you lose. All these moments leads to improvement. Improvement is always the fun part of fighting games! And most importantly, make more friends from the community and enjoy the games!
Very inspiring to see these two making Malaysia proud. It shows that effort and training really do pay off. Hopefully, in the future, we will see more of these two in Major events and someday Evolution and Capcom Cup.

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