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by Sammy Chan
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Today is a fine day to give away a free game and GOG agrees and they are giving away Xenonauts free! They are giving away the game for free to celebrate the start of their #SummerGamingSale. For the next 48 hours you can pick Xenonauts up completely free so don’t miss out!

What is Xenonauts?

Xenonauts is basically a turn-based strategy game. As the player, you control a multi-national military organization. With alien invading Earth, you have to lead a small squad of soldiers in humanity’s last stand against extraterrestrials assault. Sounds familiar? Yep, it’s quite similar to XCOM. However, the similarity ends there – the fact that the both of them tells a story of humanity vs. extraterrestrials. Otherwise, Xenonauts and XCOM are their very own game. They both came out roughly around the same time so it’s hard to say who’s the predecessor. XCOM’s production began in 2008 whereas Xenonauts began in 2009 but people do call the latter the successor of the former. Though, it is a fact that they are both very good game. So if you enjoy the former, definitely check it out.
For those who are unfamiliar with either of the series, as mentioned above, it’s basically a turn-based strategy game. You’ll lead a squad into battle on the frontline but also manage resource and development in the backend. It involves a lot of planning and strategizing to coordinate both ends. Keep your men alive, research, upgrade and save the world. Get Xenonauts free here.


Very Positive (1,790) – Steam
4.5/5 (485) – GOG

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