New evidence suggests Devil May Cry 5 is in planning

by Sammy Chan
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Japanese video game news provider, Gematsu, has reported that the domain name was registered on May 17.  The domain names (Whois), (Whois), and (Whois) were also registered under the Onamae domain name.

The Good Stuff

Image via Whois

When it comes to domain name registrations, it’s important to note anyone can do it as long as they have the money to do so. This particular registrar, however, has shown affiliations with Capcom before. Thanks to ‘The Palemoon’ from ‘DMC Discord server’, it is revealed that /GMO has previously registered as well as Both of these are now the official websites of their affiliated games. If you need more convincing regarding the credibility of the issue, check out this thread on ResetEra.
Another note is that / GMO has registered the domain name way back in 1997. This was the year before the game’s launch in 1998. As you can see in the screenshot, the last update was a couple months ago. Following the link leads to an empty website with the message ‘OK’ with Capcom’s logo on the tab.

Image via Whois

Following Hideaki Itsuno’s Apology

If you recall an article BiS wrote earlier last month, there was a sale on Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen. Dragon’s Dogma is a franchise by Devil May Cry 4 director, Hideaki Itsuno. Hideaki-san had promised to announce a new game by E3 2017 but did not follow through. He apologized and told fans that he was still working on the project. He also added that “…the project is now under climax. I am making a great game so please expect it,” (via Twitter). With Dragon’s Dogma and Devil May Cry both being Capcom franchises, it’s not impossible that the sales of DD will help in funding DMC.
Plus, the recent release of the DMC HD Collection for PS4, XB1, and Steam, it definitely shows that Capcom has interest in doing something with the franchise. What with intriguing rumors dating all the way back since 2016, and the very vocal backlash regarding 2013’s reboot, we can almost say for certain that Devil May Cry is making the proper comeback it deserves.

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