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by Sammy Chan
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It’s been three and a half year since Watch Dogs’ launch. Despite the huge disparity between its trailer and the actual game, it’s still a rather decent game. Since you can get Watch Dogs free from today onward, why not give it a try? The offer ends November 13 so make sure to get it fast! Once you add it to your library, it is yours to keep.
To get Watch Dogs free, all you have to do is download Ubisoft’s Uplay launcher. The offer, however, is only available for PC users. Download and register for Uplay here.

What is Watch Dogs?

As protagonist Aiden Pierce, you have the city of Chicago under your control from the palm of your hand. A brilliant hacker and a former thug, Aiden’s past caught up with him when a family member was put in harm’s way. Now set on the path of revenge, you get to uncover the darker side of human nature as you monitor and hack the whole city of Chicago.
Key features:

  • Hack the city from the palm of your hand.
  • Street justice, vigilantism.
  • Control everything, including how endings.
  • Seamless integration between online and offline play.


Mixed ( 18, 735) – Steam
Despite the game’s shortcomings, it is still a decent game that is worth playing especially when it won’t cost you a single cent. If you’re into open world action game with a twist, definitely give Watch Dogs a try.

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