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All Adventurers must have been waiting for this Exclusive March Kingdom Pass with National Cherry Blossom Festival theme or Sakura Festival. The rewards for this month are also interesting, especially the Sakura Globe mount that can be ridden by two players at once. For the first time, this month’s kingdom pass provides an exclusive mount for you to invite your friend to ride Sakura Globe mount together while enjoying the view in Midgard.


How Long Kingdom Pass of Sakura Theme Will Be Held?

Kingdom Pass of sakura theme will last for a month from March 1st to April 1st (5 AM UTC +7). To obtain this limited edition Sakura Kimono Outfit and the complete sakura set of Hyottoko Mask, Sakura Headgear, and Sakura Fan, that need you to purchase the Glory Pass that will cost around 4888 diamonds. Complete all the quests in Kingdom Pass until you reach level 80 to obtain #doubleseated ‘Sakura Globe’ mount. If you can’t wait to get these complete sets until the end of the month, you can level up by purchasing the diamonds with SEAGM.


Additional Event on This March

Adventurers, don’t miss out on other events that are interesting to join this March. Starting from March 1st there will be New Kingdom Pass. Then on March 9th there will be Battle Achievement or Baphomet 2.0. After that on March 11th there will be White Valentine’s Day. On March 18th there will be Pre-Register Job 3. Lastly, on March 30th there will be Job 3-1 / LV 100 / New Map: Al De Baran.

Image: New Map: Al De Baran from Ragnarok X: Next Generation


Complete all the quests this March and get those exclusive rewards. You can directly purchase diamonds to buy the Glory Pass here to get the Sakura Globe mount.


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