Get your Jawhead Candy Bear Skin in June’s MLBB Starlight Membership Pass!

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A new month means a new Starlight Membership for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). And June’s Starlight Membership is stacked! We go through all the skins available, especially that gorgeous Jawhead Candy Bear Skin!

What is a Starlight Membership Pass?

MLBB’s Starlight Membership is the ticket to premium, exclusive items and rewards in the game. Moreover, with a Premium Pass, you’ll unlock access to other complimentary skins, and more Premium Prize Pool Items. If you’re a diehard MLBB player, you’ll know it’s worth every penny.

Starlight Membership Pass for June: Jawhead Candy Bear Skin

Jawhead Candy Bear

Gloriously Pink! | Source:

June’s Starlight Membership features a premium skin for Jawhead called Candy Bear. It’s clad in a Pink, and features a “Bear” Head which we think looks pretty cool! The skins available now, so get your Starlight Membership Pass while it’s hot!

What else is there other than the Jawhead Candy Bear Skin?

So we’ve cleared the air with Jawhead’s Candy Bear premium skin. While it is the featured featured skin, there’s more on hand here that’s planned for the month of June:

Claude Earth’s Mightiest

Claude Earth’s Mightiest

Out now: Claude “Earth’s Mightiest” (Special Skin) and New Little Commander: Kaboom & Off-road Kaboom

Ling Serene Plume

Ling Serene Plume | Source: ML_Leaks

5th June: Ling “Serene Plume” (Collector Skin)

Vale Kannagi | Source:

7th June: Vale “Kannagi” (Elite Skin) Call’s Draw Event. For this Event, the first draw will be free! Although you can get a guaranteed Vale’s Elite Skin in 8 draws or less.

Lunox Eyes of Eternity

Lunox Eyes of Eternity | Source: ML_Leaks

15th June: Lunox “Eyes of Eternity” (Epic Skin)

Esmeralda Foreseer

Esmeralda Foreseer

19th June: Esmeralda “The Foreseer” (Hero Skin). This skin will be available in the X Limited-Time Draw Event which will be available till the 18th of July.

Zhask Cancer Zodiac Skin

21st June: Zhask “Cancer” (Zodiac Skin) Encore. Obtainable via the Zodiac Summon event.

Lastly, on 26th June: Mathilda “Floral Crown” “Elite Skin”, which will be available in a Limited-Time Event.

There you have it! In conclusion, you need to get your hands on a Starlight Membership Pass right now! We’ll speed up the process for you: If you’re looking for Diamonds, you bet SEAGM has MLBB Diamonds at a good price to boot! We’ve also got Starlight Membership Passes available!


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