Jacksonville mass shooting claim lives at Madden NFL 19 tournament

by Sammy Chan
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A Baltimore male of 24-years-old has been confirmed as the gunman in the Jacksonville mass shooting. The local sheriff has identified the shooter as David Katz, one of the participants of the Madden NFL 19 tournament. Held at a local game bar, winning the Southeastern Qualifier meant getting a spot in the first Major’s Live Finals happening on October 2018 in Las Vegas. Katz went on a shooting spree after losing a game plus the spot in the qualifiers.
There were about 150 people attending the two-day event. These included players and spectators. The shooter, later on, claimed his own life. Three death has been confirmed, including the suspect. 11 others were injured but are reportedly in stable condition. Out of the 11, nine of the victims has gunshot wounds while another two got hurt while fleeing the scene.
The shooting happened in the middle of the tournament and gunshot could be heard in the live stream on Twitch. There is no visual of the shooting but investigators will be reviewing the footage as evidence. The clip has since been removed from the streaming platform but a mirror clip can be viewed here. Viewer discretion is advised.

“I am literally so lucky. The bullet hit my thumb.”

Drini Gjoka, a 19-years-old who was also competing at the tournament, tweet about the shooting right after it happened.

Gjoka was able to flee the scene safely. He did, however, caught a stray bullet in his thumb. Another contestant, Eli “TrueBoy” Clayton, wasn’t as lucky. In the clip above, for a brief moment, before the gunshot goes off, you could see a red dot on his chest. If you’d rather not watch the clip, here’s a screenshot of the moment. Trueboy can be seen having fun and enjoying himself in the last seconds of his life. He sadly did not survive the attack and has been confirmed as one of the victims who perished in the attack. The other fatality was another competitor known as Taylor “Spotmeplzzz” Robertson, according to the LA Times.
Both the NFL and EA Sports has issued their statement.

If you would like to help and show support, GLHF Bar where the Jacksonville mass shooting took place, is hosting a local streamer on their Twitch account. The streamer is doing a 12-hour charity stream where all donation will go to families of victims. You can watch his stream here.

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