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by Sammy Chan

Palicoes, the hunter’s trusted companion that we all have a love-hate relationship with. Want to make your furry friend stronger? Vigorwasp spraying isn’t the only trick it knows. However, to teach your Palico new tricks, it’s going to need better gadgets. Here’s how to unlock all Palico Gadgets for your Palico.
Initially, all Palicoes will have the default Vigorwasp Spray that can heal your hunter during battles. The spray itself still proves to be extremely useful even in high-level play. This is due to its ability to let your Palico place Vigorwasp stations around the map. There’s a total of five other gadgets you can get, let’s check them out.
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Note: All Palico Gadget quests MUST and can only be completed SOLO.

Flashfly Cage

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How to unlock:
Head over to the Ancient Forest on an expedition. Keep an eye out for Grimalkyne “Doodles” that can act just like monsters’ tracks all over the map. Once you have enough, just open your map and look out for the Grimalkyne icon.
Alternatively, travel to the Northeast area and get on the canopy area. This area is near Rathalos’ nest, at the dam/waterfall spot. You’ll spot one of the Grimalkyne from the Bugtrapper Clan. Follow it until you arrive at the clan’s camp, your Palico will receive a new gadget from its new friends.

Screengrab via Monster Hunter: World

What does it do:
The Flashfly Cage is one of the more accessible gadgets available during the early game. It will let your Palico put down Flashfly Cage that can be used to stun most of the monsters or knock a flying one out of the sky. At proficiency level 5, you gain the ability to request your Palico to place a cage. A level 10, your Palico will get a second skill of placing Shock Trap.


Screengrab via Monster Hunter: World

How to unlock:
Begin an expedition to the Wildspire Waste and go Northeast Camp (15). If you hadn’t unlocked this camp yet, go via Sector 8. This is the area where you’ll first encounter Diablos. Go towards the far north and you’ll see this hole in the ground, jump down and follow the path. On your right, you should see a cluster of Brightmoss marking a small cave entrance you can crawl through. Go through and you’ll meet the Protector Clan.

Screengrab via Monster Hunter World

The Grimalkyne here will then hand you a Critical Bounty named “Cultural Exchange: Wildspire Waste”. Capture three Protectors all around the Waste and you’ll be rewarded with the Shieldspire. Capture the Protectors using your Capture Net, use Ghilie Mantle to make it easier to sneak up on them.
What does it do:
The Shieldspire is basically a shield that lets your Palico taunt monsters to focus on them instead. Think of it as a “provoke” skill. Your Palico will have Guard up while taunting. Effectiveness increases with level.

Coral Orchestra

Screengrab via Monster Hunter: World

How to unlock:
Go on an expedition to Coral Highlands. Head to Northeast Camp (12). If you don’t have this camp then just walk to Sector 12 via climbing up the high wall from Sector 8. This is where Legiana usually hangs out. Take a left turn and you’ll see a cave entrance with a bunch of Wigglers in front of it to your right, unlock the Northeast Camp (12) here.
Once you’ve done that, turn right upon coming out of the camp and jump all the way down to the lowest point of Sector 10. Go through a narrow gap in the wall (there’s a Thunderbug right next to it) and follow the path. You’ll arrive at a waterfall area, climb two walls of tendrils and keep to your left, go underwater and you’ll surface into a new Grimalkyne Trouper Clan.
If this is to complicated to follow, you could always do it the proper way – collecting Doodles. You’ll encounter three Troupers riding on Shamoses, defeat them and they will lead you to the camp instead.

Either way, upon arriving at the camp, the Troupers will assign you with “Trouble Troupers”. Take down the two required Tzitzi-Ya-Ku and complete the quest to earn your Palico the Coral Orchestra.
What does it do:
Basically a mini Hunting Horn for your furry friend. Your Palico will be able to buff you in the battlefield with songs. Buffs include Attack Up and Defense Up amongst many others.


Screengrab via Monster Hunter: World

How to unlock:
For the Plunderblade, we’ll be leaving for Rotten Vale. Before leaving though, pack some Raw Meat – it’ll come in handy. This quest is a little tricky and takes a few tries to pop. Just keep going to Rotten Vale until you see the Lynian Research on the map at Odogaron’s resting ground (Sector 13). Talk to him and he’ll tell you about Odogaron occasionally bringing meat back to his nest. The research will then share that he hopes this will lure out the Plunderers.
Just wait with the researcher until Odogaron comes back with a Legiana corpse. A Plunderer Grimalkyne will pop up and it’ll run away as you attempt to approach it. Chase it down to Sector 15 and you can see the little guy in an unreachable spot. Your Palico will point out that he looks hungry. Place down the Raw Meat and watch the Plunderer. Place the Raw Meat down and hide behind some rocks. Several Plunderers will come out of hiding and thank you for the food, rewarding you with the Plunderblade.

Screengrab via Monster Hunter: World

What does it do:
The Plunderblade will increase the rate of item drops from monsters with each hit. Basically, it helps you get more materials. As your proficiency increase, so will the number of stolen items.

Meowlotov Cocktail

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How to unlock:
This quest begins in Astera upon completing two requirements:

  • You have all five Palico Gadgets above
  • You have access to Elder’s Recess

Talk to the Lynian Research in Astera and you’ll get a new Critical Bounty named “Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics”. Complete the quest by finding 10 Gajalaka Tracks. In the game, you’ll see them as Gajalaka Doodles. These are unique. Meaning, you cannot farm them from the same spot. You have to actually find all 10 unique Doodles. Here’s where you can find them, right click and open them in new tab to view the large version:
Ancient Forest – Doodle A
Ancient Forest – Doodle B
Wildspire Waste – Doodle A
Wildspire Waste – Doodle B
Coral Highlands – Doodle A
Rotten Vale has a total of five doodles. Doodle A location has two Doodles whereas Doodle B location has three.
Rotten Vale – Doodle A
There’s one more Doodle right behind this one, just turn around and you’ll see it.
Rotten Vale – Doodle B
After picking this one up, take a left turn and climb on the ledge, you should see the last two Doodles.
Once you’re done, head back to Astera and talk to the Lynian Researcher to begin Cultural Exchange: Gajalaka Linguistics II”. This only works at night! Wait for nightfall and head to Elder’s Recess, locate and Lynian Researcher and talk to him. He’ll ask you to sneak into the Gajalaka’s settlement. Put on a Ghilie Mantle and crouch down, making your way through. Once you arrive a cutscene will ensue and you’ll finally be rewarded with the Meowlotov Cocktail.
What does it do:
An offensive weapon that deals Blast damage! Probably the best ones since its useful in every scenario, unlike other gadgets. For example, the Flashfly Cage’s Shock Trap wouldn’t affect an elder dragon.
There you have it! That’s all the gadgets you can get for your Palico. Happy hunting and we hope this guide was helpful in collecting all Palico gadgets.

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