Introducing The Kaleoz Gift Card And A Guide On How To Top Up On Kaleoz

by Bradley Tan
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Have you ever wondered how you can make money by selling games or in-game items? Ever thought of how you can get in-game items easily at a cheaper price? We present to you, Kaleoz, a one-stop marketplace where you can buy and sell rare in-game items.

Speaking of Kaleoz, there’s a brand new and more convenient mode of payment with the Kaleoz Gift Card. Which means, you can now top-up your Kaleoz wallet on SEAGM.

What Is The Kaleoz Gift Card

KALEOZ Gift Card is an alternative, easy and convenient payment method for selected countries to top up with digital code in KALEOZ account. However, it is currently available countries for KALEOZ Gift Cards including China (CN), United States(US), and Europe (EU). Gamers can top-up their digital code anytime to purchase any in-game items in stock at the KALEOZ marketplace.


In case you’re worried about your cards expiration date, your card has a shelf life of two years. So, within those two years, you can use it anytime you like.


You can get the exclusive digital codes now on our website at


Contact us if you have any enquiries about your purchases. You may reach us at or our KALEOZ Support at

How Can I Top Up

1) Go to KALEOZ user control panel choose Top up account balance

How To Top Up Kaleoz Gift Card

2) At the Account Balance Top Up page, choose KALEOZ Gift Card as the top up option


3) Click on the icon of KALEOZ Gift Card, there will be a pop-up window to let you key in the KALEOZ Gift Card pin.

Kaleoz Gift Card Top Up

4) Click on the TOP UP button to complete the reload.

What Is Kaleoz?

What is Kaleoz you ask? Kaleoz is a marketplace platform where buyers and sellers can come together and make a deal on in-game items.

We also understand that sometimes we spend too much on in-game items, some of which would be great to sell it to the community who appreciate the weapons, skins or other assortments more than us. We also understand in this day of digital advancement, safety and security is something we appreciate even more.

With all these in consideration, introducing Kaleoz as they assure you that, if both sellers and buyers, follow the guidelines it will be safe and easy. All you have to do is put what you’re selling in the marketplace and Kaleoz will do the rest.

Step-By Step Guide On How To Sell

1. Register as a seller

First, you would need to register as a seller. Go to the seller’s registration page and fill in all the information required.  The form should be at the bottom of the page. Then, you would need to submit your seller application. You’ll be notified once you’re approved as a seller.

Kaleoz Gift Cards Seller Verification2. List Your Items

Once approved as a seller, go to “My Products” page to list your items for sale. Enter all the required information before publishing your item for sales. Provide as many details as possible in the description to better inform buyers. You should mention method of payment, trading time and place.

3. Manage Items

Your listed items can be managed on “My Products” page. You can edit the title, keywords, photo, pricing, delivery methods, and descriptions anytime you wish.

4. Mange Sales Order

Manage your sales orders from “My Sales Orders” page. Click “Order Details” for the details of your sales order.

Step-By Step Guide On How To Buy

1. Choose Your Game

Sign in to KALEOZ or register a SEAGM ID on Choose the game you wish to browse by going to the BUY page or searching it directly from the search box.

2. Choose Your Item

Use the filter to choose server, price and etc. Next, click the product title to go into the product page. Enter all the required information about your purchase and click “Add to cart”.

3. Complete Checkout

Check the items in your shopping cart and then click “Checkout” to make payment.

4. Receive Your Items

Contact the seller via KChat to notify them of your payment and wait for your item delivery.

For more information on how you can sell, buy or earn more, you can visit Kaleoz website.


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