Genshin Impact Guide | ALL Time Trial Challenges in INAZUMA (and Where To Find Them)

by Yong Chi Winn
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miHoYo released an update for its 2.0 patch for Genshin Impact a month ago. Fans were treated with a brand new Inazuma region as well as new characters.

Here, we’ll guide you through ALL of the Time Trial Challenges set in Inazuma.

Take note that these challenges are only from the 2.0 update.


Fun fact: The Inazuma region currently has 6 main islands with more islands to come in its future updates. It’s also often accompanied by strong sea breeze and thunderstorms… occasionally you’ll get struck by lightning too.

In case you missed the news, there will be new characters coming real soon, including the fan-favourite Scaramouche.


Baal is the Raiden Shogun that will be joining your crew as a five-star Electro user. Moreover, she can deal massive damage and provide helpful buffs to the team.

Other than that, miHoYo also introduced Kujou Sara and Kokomi to their roster.

Image via miHoYo

Kujou Sara is a four-star Electro archer and the general of the Tenryou Commission. She has also appeared in the Inazuma Archon quest, including the battle between the resistance and Shogunate. For now, we know that she is loyal to Baal and a descendant of the Tengu tribe.

Image via miHoYo

Sangonomiya Kokomi is the Divine Priestess of Watatsumi Island. She’s a 5-star Hydro catalyst user. However, she’s more of a healer role than a fighter. She’s smart and has the qualities of being a leader.

Additionally, if you are playing on the PlayStation console, you’ll stand a chance to pull Aloy from the Horizon series.

The Nora Huntress will be a 5-star “Savior From Another World” crossover character and will come with a 4-star Predator bow.

Image via miHoYo

The 2.1 character banner is set to release on 1st September.

Have you tried these Time Trial Challenges in Inazuma yet? Share your experience with us.

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