SEAGM’s Raymond Foo: The compassionate boss and a knowledgeable marketing leader

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SEAGM’s Raymond Foo: The compassionate boss and a knowledgeable marketing leader

Being a good leader is integral to a company’s success and tied closely to employee performance. The Senior Marketing Manager at SEAGM, Raymond Foo, is one such superior who is equipped with the knowledge and leadership skills to help run the Marketing department at SEA Gamer Mall Sdn. Bhd.

Get to know Raymond Foo

Born and raised in Ipoh, Perak, Raymond Foo is a Certified Accounting Technician graduate, under the ACCA scheme. On the contrary, his career journey actually began in an advertising agency. During this time, the fresh grad quickly learnt about the world of advertising. Eventually, he maneuvered and expanded his knowledge on the correlation between advertising and marketing. Understanding that both categories support one another. So, Raymond adapts the skills at this entry job that will influence his future career path. Evidently, Raymond successfully climbed up the corporate ladder not long after that.

To illustrate, he went from proposing ideas to clients. Then, he moved to executing his own plans and managing his own project as a management leader. Indeed, Raymond’s experience working in advertising and understanding the intricate mechanisms of marketing, has led him to fulfill a bigger role in his career. As a result of this growth and achievement, Raymond undeniably embraces the feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment within himself.

Raymond Foo as the Senior Marketing Manager at SEAGM

The journey with SEAGM

Raymond shares,

I have been a gamer since I was a kid, Nintendo Gameboy and PS1 were my favorite gears back then, but now I am mostly on mobile games instead. That’s how I came to know about SEAGM approximately 5 years ago. Before, whenever I played Mobile Legends, specifically the Mobile Legends Diamond, the top up option for this game was readily available on SEAGM. Hence, I have always identified with the brand SEAGM even before joining the company”.

Subsequently, Raymond made his entry as the Marketing Manager at SEAGM in early 2019. Hence, he started building the company brand and focused his full attention to establish a strong marketing plan for the company. Gradually, the Senior Marketing Leader began to build and lead several marketing initiatives for SEAGM as well as Kaleoz within SEA Gamer Mall Sdn. Bhd.

Raymond added,

Marketing is known for branding and advertising. In today’s digital age, marketing is more than that. It provides companies with an opportunity to increase engagement and interaction online with their customers and prospects. The marketing profession is in a great spot to shine and help companies grow faster with the rise of digital marketing. According to a 2019 study from the management consulting firm McKinsey study, 83% of global chief executive officers (CEOs) say marketing is a clear driver of growth. They’re collaborative and trustworthy. This is the knowledge essence which I apply at SEAGM when taking my overall marketing development plan into consideration.”

While great marketing leaders love to learn, they don’t consider themselves the smartest people in every room. Nevertheless, Raymond is a very smart leader. In fact, he understands that everyone brings their own strengths and weaknesses to the table, and knows that the goal is to combine the team’s efforts to achieve revenue growth. Thus, Raymond ensures he listens to each team members in his department for every individual is unique to him. Simply put, he believes that each member in his team possess their own unique qualities and certainly, have something to bring to the table.

The planning – The Actions – The Results

As with any project, Raymond holds true to the principle that proper planning and strategizing is essential for a team leader. In fact, his job essence is to daily strategize and manage the marketing initiatives from his calendar. Then he takes actions by leading his department to implement these plans by delegating essential roles within his team. Conversely, the end results is evident with the surplus in revenue achieved in the year of 2021, coupled with the growing SEAGM social community of over 10.5 million users and counting. Furthermore, Raymond went on to establish the Marketing SOPs and strategies within SEAGM, while building his growing marketing department of over 25 employees globally.

Reflecting on these achievements, Raymond said,

The Marketing department at SEAGM is the front door of the brand. To illustrate, I do my best to ensure all marketing strategies implemented helps to reach out to potential target markets, build local engagements, and generate conversion in sales.

Excellent coach who communicates clear vision

Assistant Manager of Digital Marketing at SEAGM, Kelvin Ho, has been working closely with Raymond since 2021 and went on to share,

Raymond is an excellent coach and team leader. He is extremely patient when guiding his team members and training them to understand work requirement. Indeed, I am delighted to have a boss like Raymond who is extremely compassionate and cares for his team. In short, Raymond is a person who leads by example. Not only is he dedicated in his work, but he also emphasizes on our physical wellbeing and health. For example, he often organizes team retreat events and outdoor activities to stress on the importance of work life balance.

Kelvin Ho, seen far right, standing in picture

Raymond prioritizes health and fitness while ensuring his team practice a good work life balance

Kelvin concludes by saying that, Raymond is highly admired by all of his team members as he values feedback, and is a good listener.

Raymond’s foreseeable future with SEAGM and beyond

As a dedicated leader, Raymond’s future goals within SEAGM  is to continue to building the marketing initiatives where it expands to the regional level. At the same time, he will also focus to build his local marketing team in other regions. He believes in SEAGM’s growth and bright prospects ahead for the brand. Accordingly, within 2022 itself, Raymond has set to strengthen the marketing initiatives for Indonesia and Thailand. Simultaneously, he will continue to ensure that the organization achieves its revenue goal this year.

 Words to live by

Make a difference in the lives of the people around me. I wish I am able to make a positive impact on someone’s life.”

The above is the motto Raymond lives by. As many of his team members within his department can affirm to the fact that Raymond has indeed brought many positive changes. To this end, he has not only given his team the opportunity to learn, but has also taught them to discover their own capabilities and talents. On top of everything, the head of the SEAGM Marketing department also lives by the saying Work hard, Play hard. Hence, team gatherings and fun special events are often held at SEAGM to celebrate the occasion.

Raymond Foo celebrating his team

“We love our boss, Raymond!” – SEAGM’s Marketing team members during Christmas in 2021.

Raymond Foo, is indeed the epitome of what makes a good leader and a great human being!

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