How to level Adventure Rank fast in Genshin Impact?

by Sammy Chan
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The long awaited Genshin Impact finally got its global release a few days ago! If you’ve been playing the game for a bit now you’ll realize that many contents are locked behind the Adventure Rank wall. Here’s how to level Adventure Rank fast in Genshin Impact to unlock everything. For example, you need to be Adventure Rank 16 to enable co-op!

Worship Statues of The Seven

As you explore the first area known as Mondstadt of you’ll come across an object known as the Anemoculus. Collect these and offer it up to the statue to level it up. This will give you a lot of Adventure EXP among other useful things.

The number of Anemoculus you need gradually goes up. Remember that this item is exclusive to this area only. So use all of them up, no need for saving. The second area has its own area specific item.

This is a fast way to get you up to Adventurer Rank 5 to unlock Wish (the gacha rolls).

Also yes, I know my UID is in the screenshot. Feel free to add me 😛

Do your Archon and Story quests

This next step is a no brainer. It’s a given in most games that the main quest will not only give you lots of EXP but also unlock more stuff.

The Archon quest is the main story quests for your Traveler whereas Story quests feature stories to unlock with the characters you’ll meet on your journey.

As you can see, my current Archon quest is locked behind level 24 with that very enticing 400 Adventure EXP.

Complete Daily Commissions

Upon reaching Adventure Rank 11, you will unlock Daily Commissions via talking to Katherine in Mondstadt.

The Daily Commission comprises of four easy quests – usually just killing a few monsters in the particular area. They give lots of Adventure EXP on their own. Once you finish them, remember to hand it in to Katherine and collect 500 Adventure EXP! This will boost you significantly.

Complete your Adventure Handbook

You can obtain this by talking to Katherine, the same NPC from the Adventure Guild. She’s located near the entrance of Mondstadt.

The tasks you get will become harder but they’re pretty easy to complete as you journey along your Archon quest. Each task on its own will give 100 Adventure EXP. Completing the chapter will reward you with strong Artifacts for your character.

Here’s a look at Chapter 5’s reward!

Explore the world!

Exploring is easily one of my favorite thing to do in this game. It’s rewarding and fun. While doing this there are several things you want to look out for.

  • Chests! They give a small amount of Adventure EXP that can easily add up in the long run.
  • Seelie and their Gardens! Guiding a Seelie to its Garden will reward you with a chest and that means Adventure EXP! Well that and also good loot~ The Garden look something like this whereas the Seelie is a floaty blue spirit. Here’s a screenshot of the Seelie and their Garden respectively.
  • Unlocking Travel Waypoints! Besides being convenient for fast travelling, these give you Adventure EXP as well. They’re scattered all around the world and you can typically see them on the map after attuning with the Statue of The Seven in that area. They look like this.
  • Killing Elite bosses. You can track where they are by checking your Adventure Handbook! After killing the Elite bosses they also drop loots and some Adventure EXP. Though bear in mind that you’ll need resin to obtain the loot.

By following these you’ll level Adventure Rank fast in Genshin Impact! At Rank 20 you’ll unlock Spiral Abyss and a chance to get Xiangling, a cute Fire element dps. Most importantly, higher ranks will let you unlock more content based stuff like Domains, Battle Pass and Co-op mode.

Alternatively, you can take leave from work and stay home for 3 days straight without leaving your room. Stay tuned for more Genshin Impact guides!

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