MPL organizer speaks out regarding MCB roster change

by Sammy Chan
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The organizer of Mobile Legend Professional League (MPL), eGG Network, finally speaks out regarding the MCB roster change fiasco. Over the past few days, the community has been ablaze with dissatisfaction regarding a player swap. The team in question, Mystic Burden (MCB), seems to have breached a term regarding roster change. Here’s a quick summary of the whole situation alongside the conclusion.

So what’s the problem?

MPL announces an upcoming second season in which the top four teams from season one gets a direct invite. However, the condition from the organizer was that those four teams must retain at least three existing members that participated in season one. These four teams include IDNS SG (now Bigetron SG), Flash Tyrants, FV Mysterious Assasins and AirAsia Saiyan.
So a problem arose when MYA got their invitation revoked since the team had a huge roster change with only one initial member left. The organizer, MPL, proceeded to replace them with the fifth team instead and that was MCB.
The controversy started when FV. MYA’s manager, Benny Teh questioned the tournament’s integrity via a statement on his personal social media page. Basically, he wasn’t okay with the organizer allowing MCB into the league since there were rumors going around that MCB intends to pick up two players from Team Tamago. Team Tamago lost in the qualifier and this goes against the terms and condition. Things got heated when MCB’s manager spoke up and insist it wasn’t against the rule to pick up said players.

The organizer’s official statement

In a statement just released a few minutes ago, eGG Network clarify that this whole situation was due to a human error. A staff member has made a mistake when passing on information to MCB’s team manager. Basically, the conclusion is if MCB still wants to pick up the two players from Team Tamago – they can. This is with the condition that they, the players, prove that they are no longer with Team Tamago. But, we have insider information that those players will indeed be staying with their current team. So all MCB can do now is pick up an underdog to fill their roster for the tournament ahead. Read the full statement here.

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