Half Life Alyx announced for Steam Index

by Sammy Chan
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It’s been over two years since Valve announced that they would be building three VR games. So far, as of today, Valve has announce the first game in the list – Half Life Alyx. To be clear – they announced the date of the announcement via a twit. The post shares that more detail is coming this Thursday at 10am PT (that’s Friday 1am for us in Southeast Asia).

Half Life Alyx VR

The perpetual meme out there is that Valve can’t to three. But, this would actually made Half Life Alyx the third Half Life game. Other games such as Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2 aren’t as fortunate.

Back in June Valve introduced to the market their own VR kit, the Valve Index. We’re guessing these games will be made to utilize what Index has to offer. Valve Index is a high end VR kit featuring impressive controllers that allows you to grip virtual objects. Currently, it costs $1000 to get a full kit. But fret not, you can still play this with other VR kits like the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive.

DEAL: Get caught up in the Half Life story, get it now on Steam!

As of today, the leak rumour is saying the game will be coming out next year in March. There is, however, no solid confirmation for this.

Are we finally possibly getting a continuation to Gordon Freeman’s story? Guesses are, the game will be from the perspective of Alyx Vance. Instead of moving forward in the timeline, this game will be a period between the first two Half Life games.

Well, on Thursday we’ll know for sure what this game is about. Why does it have Alyx Vance’s name in it? Check back on Thursday for the update about release date and possibly a demo of the game. Since they actually set a time and date for this one, I think we can rest easy and not worry about “Valve Time”.

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