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We attended Level Up Play 2019 over the weekend and it was a lot of fun! We get to meet cosplayers, participate in lucky draws and went home with some freebit as well. The event began on November 8, 2019 10:30AM. Here’s a breakdown of what went on!


On the first day, Luna Lorrain kickstarted the event with a tantalising violin solo performances. Simutaneously, a Meet + Greet was also happening featuring local streamers such as JanuaryAKG, FanCFreakz and XiiaCong. After watching the main violin performance we walked around the venue to check out the event.

There were many booths featuring locally made games and some others from our neighbouring countries. Wan Hazmer’s No Straight Roads were one of the featured games! So was RE: Legend, Gigabash and Bake ‘N Switch (still our favourite). It was extremely heart warming to see so many locally made games doing so well.

As for the indie game booths, The Plight from Cellar Vault Games was easily our favourite. It’s a horror game made by a local from Penang. Intertwining local accents and culture, it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat as you figure out why exactly did grandma decided to commit murder two decades ago. If you want to see the game do well, do put them on your wishlist on Steam over here!

SEA Games Flag Off

After that, there was a SEA Games flag off by our Youth and Sports Minister, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman. Malaysia will be sending off 24 esports athletes to the 30th Southeat Asian Games in Manila, Philipines. Alongside the players, our very own Master Ramen (Firdaus Hashim) will be attending as well as manager. SEA Games will take place end of this month on November 30.

To wrap up day one, we sat down and witness some astonishing pose off in the cosplay competitions featuring a myriad of characters from various games and anime. For the big finale of the first day, the Video Game Orchestra took the stage and played some incredible game music from games like Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts and Cytus. We didn’t actually attend this since the ticket doesn’t come with the event and had to be bought separately (over RM100).


For the second day we decided to switch it up a little and went to attend the Career Workshop. We sat down and listen to Syazmeen bt Othman talk about working in Bandai Namco Studio, Malaysia. After that we pondered if we can ever become a streamer in another workshop. Basically, what we learn here is that you won’t get far if you stream with the intention to make money! Because the journey is an uphill climb and if there’s no passion to fuel you, you’ll run out of gas to keep going really quickly.

After the workshop finished and we came to the conclusion that we’ll never be streamers, we went to meet Master Ramen over at the Meet + Greet booth! Honestly though, this was kind of out of the main area and not many people knew he was there 🙁 We mostly just walked around the venue capturing footage and snapping photos after that.

We closed up day two with watching the Cosplay Skit Competition. The first place winner who did a Tekken skit took home RM 900!

Please check out our video here for the highlights of Level Up Play 2019! Thanks for having us, see you next year!

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