Ghost of Tsushima: Game or Film? Or is it just another cinematic game?

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Last week’s PlayStation State of Play brought gameplay from Ghost of Tsushima, a title which will be arriving soon. Gamers were mind boggled over it’s visuals, music, and overall art direction (in a good way). Just so you know what the hype is about:

Source: PlayStation Youtube Channel

If that didn’t set you in the mood, then you’re probably still dealing with Final Fantasy VII: Remake fever. The Ghost of Tsushima gameplay demo showed quite a bit, but before we move ahead, let’s dwell a little deeper into Ghost of Tsushima, and it’s story.

Source – PlayStation Blog


Set in the year 1274, the story assumes the role of Jin Sakai, one of the last surviving samurai, against the Mongol Empire. Jin has to move beyond samurai traditions to forge a new way of fighting, as the invaders take over the island of Tsushima, wreaking havoc and conquering the local population. Honorable tactics won’t lead to victory, but the way of the Ghost will.

In summary, the story tells the traditional tale of good versus evil, but in an unconventional way. As seen in the trailer, Jin is a samurai, who also has a darker, more brutal side to him. 

Visual Outlook

The game looks stunning. The open world is alive, and breathing with smoke, fires, and wind blowing all around. There’s a special film grain Black and White filter mode available as well. Turning it on puts players in a cinematic experience from the past. Outlook designs look accurate to it’s time period, bringing a genuine experience.

Black and White Film Grain

Battle Mechanics

Battle Mechanics are pretty interesting here, as Jin can change combat stances to inflict the most damage against specific enemy types. Expressions are obvious, (especially when Jin is the “Dishonorable” Ghost.) with enemies showing a frightened face, falling to the ground in fear.

Detailed Expressions

Attack motions are fluid, with assassination prompts popping up from time to time (similar to how Assassin’s Creed is). There are also multiple items which can be used on the battlefield, like smoke bombs, kunai, and even fireworks (to distract enemies).

Source – PlayStation Blog


Players will get to customise Jin with new wardrobes and armor. Wardrobe colours can be changed by collecting “Dye Flowers’. Armor on the other hand, is not just visual eye candy. Putting on a new armor gives different mechanical advantages, enhancing the playstyle of choice. There are also Omamori Charms which will give an edge in battle. Furthermore, as you progress through the game, you’ll develop new techniques which will transform Jin from a Samurai, into the Ghost. 

Source – PlayStation Blog


All in all, we’re actually quite excited for a title that has been teased for about 3 years now. It’s looking good so far, and we’re only 2 months away from it’s release. Meantime, what are your thoughts? Will you be pre-ordering it? Let us know in the comments section below. Meantime, we’ve got PlayStation Network Cards on SEAGM, and get RM5 off with your purchase when you shop on our website. 

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