Grand Final PMPL MYSG S3 Day 2 – RSG Nabs THREE WWCD, Yoodo Makes a Comeback??

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PMPL MY/SG Season 3 Country Final Day 2 has concluded with RSG topping the leaderboard out of seemingly nowhere. RSG Malaysia (formerly known as Resurgence) ended Day 2 with a total of 69 Kill Points and 75 Rank Points. The leap in leaderboard rankings is thanks to three Chicken Dinners that the team won in the six Day 2 matches that were held. For each of their Chicken Dinners in Day 2, RSG Kim holds the title of MVP.

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Day 2 also saw the brief rise of Yoodo Gank. After a disappointing first day of PMPL Country Finals, they managed to secure their first WWCD alongside 15 kills during Match 4 of Day 2. This follows Bravo’s excellent solo performance in the previous match. In it, he managed to secure 5 kills as Gank’s last surviving member. Unfortunately, they did not manage to carry that momentum into matches 5 and 6.

As other teams remain pretty much unchanged from their performance yesterday, Dingoz MPX is unfortunately seeing a drop. In Day 1, they managed to secure a high number of kills, putting them in a healthy position in the leaderboard despite not having a Chicken Dinner. Unfortunately, they failed to bring that same performance into Day 2, and currently sit in last place. Though it doesn’t affect their ability to compete in the PMPL Sea Finals, it isn’t a good position for them to be in as it may affect invitations into future tournaments, including a free spot into PMPL MY/SG Season 4. That said, they did make some amazing plays, and you can check our YouTube montage to see them. Fan of shorter videos instead? Check out our Instagram Reels!

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