Country Finals PMPL MY/SG S3 Day 3 – RSG and Geek Fam To Represent Malaysia in the PMPL SEA Finals

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Day 3 of PMPL MYSG Country Finals has concluded and with it, we have our full lineup of Malaysian representatives for the PMPL SEA Finals. RSG, Geekfam and Dingoz MPX will be representing Malaysia in the PMPL SEA Finals that will take place May 21, 2021.

Day 3 provided an entire roller coaster of emotions. Despite RSG becoming the overall champions for PMPL Season 3 Country Finals, the first match of Day 3 did not go well. They got 0 kills and were eliminated early into the match. Even the second match only saw RSG securing one kill.

Match 3 saw a slight momentum shift with them securing four kills, however that fire was quickly put out with a single kill in the next match. The momentum soon underwent a shift in Match 5 however, as they earned another WWCD with 11 kills. This, alongside their 3rd place finish in Match 6, secured their Championship title.

A Bittersweet Emotional Joyride for PMPL Country Finals

That’s not to say that things weren’t intense for the other teams. Geek Fam, J8, and Anti Circle all had a chance to earn the PMPL SEA representative slot. With several amazing plays from J8, it is truly a shame that they didn’t manage to secure a slot in the PMPL SEA Finals. What would be even more heartbreaking, however, is Anti Circle finishing third in the Country Finals. In Match 6/6 of Day 3, they secured the final WWCD with 12 kills, however were three points shy of beating out Geek Fam for the SEA Finals representative slot.

RSG’s Kim made headlines today, as he earned the FMVP title for the overall Country Final championship. Four times out of five, he was the MVP of RSG’S WWCD. Additionally, he also secured six kills as his teammates earned none in the final match of Day 3.

pmpl sea final

The results of the Country Finals are bittersweet. It is a fresh and welcome experience for RSG to, for the first time, represent Malaysia in the PMPL SEA Finals, but it is also the first time Yoodo Gank does not. Additionally, the fan-favorites Team Secret and Team SMG also did not manage to leave strong impressions with their performances. Despite so, there were some interesting plays that are worthy of praise. It’s all just “unlucky, really”, and we hope that these fan-favorite national icons will come back stronger.

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