God of War New Game Plus now available

by Sammy Chan
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Are you ready, BOY? The highly anticipated God of War New Game Plus mode is now available. Released by Sony Santa Monica earlier this year, God of War gave the PlayStation community one of the greatest experience in a single-player game ever. With just a short time upon release, God of War became the best selling PlayStation exclusive game of all time. Those who have completed the game’s main story can now relive the father and son journey. Here’s a few reason why you should check out God of War New Game Plus.

Screengrab via God of War

New Boy Plus

Just four months after release, God of War now gives players their biggest update yet. Sharpen your axe and get your boy ready as you restart your journey in New Game Plus while retaining all the weapons, armors, talismans, enchantments, and most importantly – the skills that you’ve unlocked. Additionally, there are new customizations to make your old gears better and stronger. This new weapon tier requires you to collect a certain new resource called Skap Slag before you can craft it.

Screengrab via God of War

Plus, there are brand new armors to forge for both Kratos and Atreus. On top of looking slick, the new armor also comes with exciting new abilities.

Screengrab via God of War

Screengrab via God of War

Skipping cutscenes

Though God of War gives some of the most amazing cinematic cutscenes, with the latest update, you may skip the cutscenes. For those who are just starting up the game, it is advisable to sit back and enjoy the show. But if this isn’t your first rodeo, this option will greatly speed up your gameplay.

Screengrab via God of War

Bonus for Give Me God of War

Completing the game unlocks New Game Plus and a new shield skin. Players who previously completed the game on Give Me God of War though, will get an extra shield skin by completing Give Me God of War+. The skin provides nothing but aesthetic but of course, it will also be a proof of your accomplishment.

The update also brought along several minor features on top of bug fixes. For more information head on over to here to see a full list of changes.

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