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Grab your copy of For Honor free from August 22 until August 27 on Steam. Xbox Live Gold members can also get For Honor free from now until September 15.

Arcade Mode coming!

Earlier this year during E3 2018, Ubisoft showcased a big update called Marching Fire for the game. Set to arrive on October 16, the update is a big one, introducing features such as Arcade mode. which is launching on October 16. Keep in mind that you will need to purchase the Marching Fire expansion to enjoy the Arcade Mode and other new additions in the update. The Arcade Mode is basically a PVE content that focuses on micro-stories within the big war amongst factions.
Apart from adding stories to the game, the new mode also let’s player choose between going in solo or with friends via co-op. The best part here is, only one of you needs to own Marching Fire. to create a session for friends to join in.

Combat modifiers

Tailored to bring you a different experience, the Combat Modifier system is what stands out in Arcade mode in comparison to the rest. They are basicslly buffs and debuffs which are randomly applied on players and AI. There are a lot of combinations of buffs and debuffs such as stamina drain for a buff while dealing low damage as a debuff.

Besides that, the new mode also comes with a range of difficulty to choose. Pick from Common, Rare, Heroic, Epic, and Legendary. The severity of the modifiers will then depend on the selected difficulty.

Always fancied re-enacting am epic battle amongst faction? This expansion will let you do just that. Pitch the Vikings, Samurais and Knights against each other and watch the battle unfold.
The expansion, obviously, requires the base game – which they giving away for free. Don’t forget to pick up a Starter Edition of For Honor free from either Steam or Xbox Live before the offer ends. For more information head on over to their official site.


Steam – Mixed (30,734 reviews)
Metacritic – 76%
IGN – 8/10
GameSpot – 8/10
Eurogamer – 4/5

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