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by Sammy Chan
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Unreal Gold is celebrating its 20th birthday today, and Steam and GOG are celebrating. Both parties are offering the 1998 revolutionary hit for free! Take this opportunity to experience an epic throwback to 1998, where the world was shaken by the advancements of gaming!

What is Unreal? 

In Unreal, you’re put into the shackles of a prisoner aboard the Vortex Rikers prison spacecraft. As if your life didn’t suck enough, your spacecraft is pulled into the orbit of Na Pali, an uncharted planet. The planet is home to the four-armed humanoid Nali, but that isn’t the problem. The problem is the Skaarj, an invading alien species gluttonous for the planet’s Tarydium. As your fellow shipmates are being killed one by one, you must shoot your way to survival and find escapism from the alien planet.
With Unreal Gold, you’re also getting the expansion Return to Na Pali. The events of the expansion pick up from the compelling ending of the base game and pit you against an enemy that isn’t so alien.

Don’t stall any longer, hurry!

Did that zero gold price catch your interest? Download Unreal Gold, which contains both Unreal and its additional mission pack Return to Na Pali, here:
The offer expires in just over a day, so be sure to nab it now!


Very Positive (798)Steam
8.4/10, -Gamespot
9.0/10, –IGN

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