How to join the Garena Free Fire Regional Battle Event?

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Fight for the Honor and glory of your region in the Garena Free Fire Regional Battle! Think you got what it takes? Want to find out how? Then continue reading below!

What is the Garena Free Fire Regional Battle?

Source: Free Fire India Official Youtube Channel

Regional Battle is all about your gameplay, and the number of games you play a day. As a new permanent event that’s being introduced into the game, Garena Free Fire Regional Battle is where people battle it out based on their regions (India, Bangladesh, and Nepal). Season 1 is already live, and will last until the 16th of July. In this event, players stand a chance to win free exclusive prizes. What are they? Moreover, how?

How to join the Garena Free Fire Regional Battle Event?

Source: Gurugamer

First up, enter the Regional Battle page, and choose your zone (either India, Nepal or Bangladesh). That’s it! Do make sure you pick the right zone of your choice, as you will not be able to switch later on.

Source: Gurugamer

How it works:

Accumulate points when you battle in Classic or Ranked mode. You’ll earn 150 points for Booyah, 100 for second place, and 50 for third PLUS 10 points for every kill. In other words, the points you earn in each match is entirely based on your performance. The more points you collect, the higher your chance is to win a reward.

Reward System:

There are four reward categories; Weekly Individual Score, Season Individual Score, Season Global Score, and Milestone Rewards. If a particular zone wins the global award, then all the players within the region will receive the reward. All rewards will be sent directly to a winners inventory if it is unclaimed.


Prizes are up for grabs! Weapon Royale Vouchers, Pet Food, Gold, and even Resupply Maps will be given out weekly, with more rewards given out depending on your accumulated points. 

Here’s a list of all the rewards:

(WEEKLY) Source:

At the end of the season, players can expect awesome prizes like the Tiger Suit or Battle Wolf set if they’re among the top players.

Source: Gurugamer

So are you ready for some action? Rewards await you every week, and even greater rewards at the end of the season! We’ll see you on the battlefield. Meantime, why not restock some Garena Free Fire Diamonds from SEAGM before you head to battle?

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