Why is everyone disliking Pokemon Unite?

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Huge news yesterday with the announcement of Pokemon Unite. What’s even more surprising, is the amount of people who disliked it! So why is everyone disliking Pokemon Unite?

Pokemon Unite

Source: Pokemon.com

What is the game about? To keep it short, Pokemon Unite is a strategic battle game (MOBA) that’s being developed jointly by the Pokemon Company and Tencent Games. It is a cross-platform game that will be available for the Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Free-to-start of course.


Source: IGN

It’s your standard 5 on 5 fanfare here, BUT instead of battling creeps like other MOBA’s, players will cooperate with other teammates to catch wild Pokemon, which will in turn level up and evolve their Pokemon in time. But of course, the opponents will be up to the same thing, so you’re bound to come across the enemy team. Either way, take the enemy out, and catch as many Pokemon as you can to win the game! 

Pokemon Unite Map – Source: Pokemon.com

Why is everyone disliking Pokemon Unite?

Some sarcasm anyone?

There are many factors that could lead to someone disliking a game. It could be the graphics, the actual gameplay, or sometimes, the developers. In this case, a casual scroll through the comments sections of multiple videos, we can see that a lot of people were highly anticipating an MMO, or something different, like a new game for the Nintendo switch maybe. And given the amount of other great MOBA games which are already available to play out there, people may find that a Pokemon MOBA will further saturate the genre. 

Either way, What do you all think? Are you excited? Or are you also on the bandwagon and think that there’s too many MOBA games out there? Let us know in the comments section below!

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