Gross Gore Twitch-Banned Once Again, Perhaps for the Final Time

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He’s been banned before, and now former League of Legends Twitch streamer Gross Gore, real name Ali Larsen, is once again banned from the platform. This follows responses on his post in the r/RoastMe subreddit. Redditors did not waste any time, and within two hours of Gross Gore’s post, allegations of sexual assault, among other things, became the highlight of the post. The post has since been deleted, however reddit user Allyseis compiled several of the allegations and put them on a seperate subreddit, r/LivestreamFail. The said response highlighting all of the streamer’s misconducts currently sits at 961 upvotes. Twitch has responded by not only banning Gross Gore, but also by removing his partner status.

The former Twitch streamer has since made a response video on YouTube. The video, simply titled “My Response…” spans for 35 minutes, and he goes over each allegation highlighted in Allyseis’ compilation. He addresses each of the allegations, either apologizing for his inappropriate behavior or clarifying the nature of the situation.

This includes him clearing up the air regarding streaming a breastfeeding woman publicly, and claims of using the “Hard R”. There are instances, however, where he would admit his mistakes and associate it with young age. This includes the incident of him sending a USB drive containing indecent photos of his ex-girlfriend to her mother.

“There are some disgusting things from my past and I can promise you that’s not who I am today,” he said. “I look back, I cringe, I get embarrassed, and I regret so much.”

Twitch’s Response to Getting Gross Gore Banned

Twitch has sent an email to Insider regarding recent events involving Larsen. “The safety of our community is our top priority,” a Twitch spokesperson said in an email. “We take appropriate action when we have evidence that a streamer has acted in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, including in certain instances where the behavior may have taken place off Twitch. These apply to all streamers regardless of status or prominence in the community.”

Gross Gore is now looking to taking his livestreams to YouTube. He currently sits at 350,000 subscribers. For comparison, his Twitch followings were at 500,000 followers. On Twitch, he had an average viewership of 8,000 to 10,000 concurrent viewers.

His apology video sits at 200,000 views after going up on March 14, 2021. Comments and the Like/Dislike features are unavailable on the apology video. His recent uploads, however, have generally positive reception.

According to his apology/ response video, he has already made peace with his victims. Kotaku has reached out to some of the victims, and received a contradicting response. One of the victims, Eve, claims that Larsen never reached out to her. She expresses her frustration on his lack of accountability, and his absence of a sincere apology. You can read her full DM at Kotaku’s page.

Ali Larsen previously faced a Twitch ban in 2018 during RuneFest for crawling on his knees while following women.

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