Battlefield V could be the best shooter of this decade

by Sammy Chan

Yesterday the official reveal trailer for Battlefield V dropped, garnering mixed reception amongst viewers. The video uploaded by Gamespot has currently raked in 840,320 views with 33,000+ likes and 30,000+ dislikes. The action-packed trailer showcases the games stunning engine rendering and intense combat gameplay, including weapons and vehicles.
While the boots-on-ground gameplay and World War II settings are pleasing to many fans, many are pointing out their disapproval. Historical inaccuracy in a video game meant for fun aside, let’s take a look at why Battlefield V may actually be the best shooter of the year, if not decade.

Single-player and co-operative content

Before we get into what new features are being implemented into the latest installment, it’s important to note that there will be single-player content. If you’re worried about getting pwned in the multiplayer, there are interesting “War Stories” that you can get into. “War Stories”, like most of the other content in this entry will be focused on telling the untold and unfamiliar stories of World War II, which explains why there are women in the game despite its setting. Best of all, the stories are aimed to be something players have never heard of before, including stories you may hear from movies like Saving Private Ryan and games from other franchises.
It will also feature a co-op mode where you can play with up to three friends named “Combined Arms”. This mode puts you into squads of four and pits you against swarms of AI bots. There will be cycles of different objectives and goals in this mode you have to complete alongside your squad. It will serve as the perfect game mode to test out the various class’ skills and see what works best for you. It will mix both singleplayer and multiplayer elements. There will be several maps of grand scale ala Battlefield, featuring places such as France, North Africa, Norway and more.
The singleplayer looks to be a great addition to the game despite the focus on multiplayer as players will get a medium to try different load outs and customizations. In this game, there is a diverse selection of customizations for both affecting gameplay and cosmetics. You can choose different attachments for your weapons and vehicles as well as their cosmetic features. Aside from that, your character is completely customizable and you’ll have a wide of classes that can best fit your playstyle. Getting familiar with all of your preferred playstyle mechanics in the singleplayer portion of the game would be a great start.

Battlefield V’s Meticulous Mechanics.

If you don’t know what meticulous means, rest assured, it’s a positive adjective. Battlefield V has overhauled a lot of the mechanics from Battlefield 1, which is still an overwhelmingly popular game despite its small criticisms. One aspect that V improves from 1 is the shooting. A lot of players were not fond of 1’s quite randomized shooting hit-box, and V fixes this by assigning more strict and unique recoil animations for every gun. Players can actually experience a learning curve for different types of guns to improve their accuracy. Can you handle dishing out severe damage on full auto? Or maybe the recoil is too much for your skill level and you need to limit yourself to five-round-bursts? These are all things that players can immerse themselves in while learning. Oh and also, bullets now deal penetration. RIP campers, no wall is safe.
Another thing that BFV is overhauling is the animations. Regardless if you’re playing it for the single or multiplayer, the animations and graphics are something every gamer will appreciate. Developer Dice have put a lot of attention to detail in the physicality and gameplay of BFV. Thanks to these added animations, the gameplay of Battlefield has evolved from the average shooter to a more strategic one, while still maintaining its sense of high tension. Some of those features include tossing back grenades and even catching them in mid-air, which is flipping mad. Medics who are in a tight spot can still provide assistance from cover by tossing medkits to their allies.
A very interesting revamped feature is how you spot your enemies. In previous games, after spotting an enemy, a small marker (or as I would call it, ‘the Dorito’) hovers above an enemy’s head. DICE has revoked that feature to encourage players to read the environments to spot enemies rather than relying on the UI and HUD.
Movement in the game is mechanically and visually improved. You can shift from cover to cover in a crouch position, allowing for safer movement. Speaking of safety, this game is also bringing back the dive mechanic. You can dive forward, back, left or right and keep in that position or crawl while firing. Rest assured, DICE is aware of the abuse of the ‘Dolphin Dive’ mechanic in Battlefield 4. They’ve implemented bits of recovery animations to counter any potential exploits. In other news, ledge climbing now requires a properly timed input for some reason.
Dead body? No problem. They are now implemented with improved ragdoll physics and can interact with the environment. Let a body roll down a hill and it’ll push away tall grass, revealing any lurking enemies. Need to get rid of a landmine? Sorry, Tommy, I guess you won’t be buried in one piece after all.

The Focus of Tactical and Squad Play

A common aspect of most first-person shooters is regenerating health and rushing down enemies with no real consequence. Battlefield V changes this by breaking down your health into segments. If you lose your health past a certain segment, it won’t regenerate past the boundary of the said segment. This is where the role of a medic becomes significant. It becomes a responsible duty of the medic to distribute med-packs frequently to soldiers in crucial positions. Being alive is also important, as teammates can spawn nearby your location. Dying would mean losing a spawn point that would be crucial for victory. You also can’t rely on your medic to pull a clutch ‘revive train’, as revivals now have elaborate animations that can be canceled. One way or another, the value of being alive has been magnified and you are required to plan out your strategy. Respawning leaves you with scarce ammo, meaning you’ll have to rake up more kills or suck up to your support to keep you in a comfortable position. If all you’re good for is feeding, your teammates may end up ignoring you on the battlefield.

Like previously mentioned, Medics can no longer pull-off a revive train thanks to the injection animation in BF1. The simple and quick injection has been replaced with a full, hands-on revive animation that takes a few seconds, which is… good? It’s reasonable. Another thing to note is that now everyone can revive fallen teammates regardless of class. A medic, however, can revive faster than others. Also, due to the now segmented health bar, medkits have a much more crucial role in maintaining a position.
The Support class is also another key role that can contribute immensely on the battlefield regardless of their aim. While everyone can fortify the environment with defensive structures, the Support class are the only ones that can utilize ‘offensive’ defensive structures. Cannons, Turrets and other tool are exclusive to the support class and are crucial for securing an area. In addition to that, these damaging utilities can be paired with vehicles to create a deadly force. Supports are also the main source of ammunition aside from raking in enemy kills, so always be nice to your Support.

Details, details, details…

If DICE can deliver everything that it has been promising up to this point, it means that BFV is a sandbox of limitless possibilities. If you have actually been taking note of everything mentioned in the article, you’ll notice that DICE has put in a LOT of detail into their latest work. I’m not even done yet. I really want to give up now.
Customizations. Yes, what Call of Duty: WWII, unfortunately, lacked in in its early launch, BFV will provide. Weapon and vehicle customizations will be abundant in terms of upgrades and cosmetics. This means that you could be rocking the same model Panzer as the enemy but have different stats and optimal playstyles. Characters and classes are also customizable. It’ll be funny when your medic is reviving you and takes a good look at your wonky tattoos and metal, prosthetic arms.
Animations. We’ve previously covered that DICE has included several additional animations that will undoubtedly contribute to a seamless, immersive gameplay experience.  Aside from character movement, DICE has also improved the way the environment interacts with the player. Debris of a destructed building crumbles in the way of where the force pushes it. If you pay attention, you can spot enemies hiding in the tall grass. All of this encourages the player to appreciate the gorgeous environments whilst also keeping alert to the language the environment speaks.

On paper, but in execution…?

Will Battlefield V be that next innovative step towards a thrilling fps experience? or will it be the next No Man’s Lie? We can all find out this October 19, 2018. That’s just a week after Black Ops IIII. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.  If you would like to see more details regarding the game modes, watch these videoes by jackfrags and PlayStation Access.
One positive thing that we can say for sure, though, is that all the maps will be available for everyone. Learning from their mistake in Battlefront, DICE has opted to not separate the community with a ‘premium pass’ of sorts. The game will also be getting free updates and content post-launch, so that’s a good sign.

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