Why should you get Xayne – the latest character in Free Fire? | OB27 Update

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With update OB27 hitting Free Fire last week, there was so much being added into the game, including a new character, Xayne. In here, we tell you why Xayne is a must have and what else you can spend your Diamonds on. Read on:

Xayne is not the only thing in Free Fire Update OB27 

So Update OB27 brought a lot. Apart from a new character, there’s also a new map (a revamped one rather), changes to weapons, changes to the character system, a new revive mechanism to all maps, and vending machines with locations which are now visible on the map. It also brings a new weapon, The Kord: An LMG which activates a machine gun mode upon crouching.

Free Fire’s latest gun being introduced with Update OB27 | KORD

The update also marks the beginning of Rank Season 6, and brings a Dynamic Store adjustment.

New Map: Bermuda Remastered / Bermuda 2.0

Bermuda Remastered / Bermuda 2.0

We did mention a new map earlier and it is none other than Bermuda Remastered, or more frequently referred to as Bermuda 2.0. Good news is, it’s a permanent map, and it’s bringing in the much anticipated and frequently requested Samurai Garden. 

Just a little trivia for all you Free Fire fans: this is not the first time that Bermuda Remastered has been introduced in the game, as Bermuda Remastered was temporarily introduced back in January. But it was removed later that month for further adjustments. Bermuda Remastered is now available in Clash Squad for both Casual and Ranked gameplay.

What to spend your Diamonds on in OB27?

Now enough on the small recap on OB27. So you bought yourselves some Diamonds from SEAGM. Now, what can you spend your Diamonds on? Let’s go through the list starting with:

Elite Pass

Bloodwing City Elite Pass | Free Fire

We spoke about the latest Bloodwing City Elite Pass a few weeks ago, and if you haven’t bought an Elite Pass yet then honestly what are you waiting for? There are so many rewards to be acquired, and you’re missing out if you haven’t already. If you’re like us here at SEAGM and got your Elite Pass early, then consider the next thing you can spend your Diamonds on this next thing:

Free Fire OB27 New Character Xayne

Meet Xayne – Free Fire’s Latest Character

The latest Character, Xayne! Like the other characters, Free Fire’s latest has a special ability that helps a player overcome their opponents in a match. But what makes Xayne a must have?

Well, with her Xtreme Encounter skill which gives and increased 80 HP for 10 seconds, and increased damage to Shields and Gloo Walls, Xayne is perfect for Rushers who love close range fights.

To add on to that point, Xayne is the perfect counter to Chrono, specifically his Time Turner Skill. Chrono has been dominating ever since release, and now here’s your answer to that problem. We’ll leave you with a tip. If you’re going to be using Xayne, combine her with Antonio and Luqueta, And watch your HP hit a massive 350!


Lastly on our Diamond shopping list are Pets! But why? Similar to the Free Fire characters we were talking about earlier, having a companion pet is actually pretty beneficial. This is because pets also have special abilities which gives players an advantage on the battlefield. They’re often overlooked, but they are indeed a worthy investment. Plus, they’re cute!

There you have it! To conclude, we finally have a decent counter for Christiano Ronaldo’s Overpowered Character: Chrono. Question is, have you tried the latest character in Free Fire – Xayne? Or even the Samurai Garden? Let us know below!

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