Cristiano Ronaldo is now a character in Garena Free Fire!

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Garena Free Fire is now a household name for a Battle Royale title. To up the ante, Free Fire now has football legend Cristiano Ronaldo as a playable character in it’s latest Operation Chrono update. Talk about a BALL of  collaboration right? Let’s see what the scoop is all about.

Who’s Cristiano Ronaldo?


Now you’ve probably seen him on TV, or more recently, on Shopee and Clear Shampoo for men (yeah, he’s all over the place), BUT if you’re not familiar with who Cristiano Ronaldo is, well then there’s so much of football history to cover here, but in short, he’s a Portuguese professional football star who’s known for his flashy play on the pitch, and being good at it to boot. 

From Manchester United, to Real Madrid, and currently Serie A Club Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably one of football’s (or soccer in some countries) biggest stars! And he’s now in Garena Free Fire!

Operation Chrono Update


The last time we talked about Garena Free Fire was Season 17 Rank which brought along new Deathboxes and features. The latest update, titled “Operation Chrono” took a different turn, by offering it’s biggest partnership in the industry thus far, with the unveiling of the game’s latest global brand ambassador, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Source: TalkEsport Youtube Channel

Suffice to say, Operation Chrono is basically Cristiano Ronaldo, as a playable character named “Chrono”, and is the central figure within the event. But apart from all the huge talk about a football star being a playable character in the game, there are also other in game updates that are worth checking out too:

What’s new?

Weapon – Vector Akimbo
Gamemode – Training Grounds
In-game Item – Fireworks
Dynamic Lighting
Rank Mode Interface
In-game Utility Rank Interface

There are also performance / gameplay changes for the M82B, M4A1, and P90, and the Electric Surfboard. 

To conclude, Cristiano Ronaldo has been on a roll lately. Likewise for Garena Free Fire, as they picked up the Esports Mobile Game of the Year award at the 2020 Esports Awards! Last month (beating world renowned PUBG Mobile). So what do you think of “Chrono”? 

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