Free Fire Red Light Green Light : New Game Mode

by Patrick Mark
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Are your reflexes quick enough? Test it out in the new game mode of Garena Free Fire : Red Light Green Light.

Red Light Green Light is a popular game in Asia that we all used to play during our childhood. It was then again popularized by Netflix Original Series  “Squid Game” which implemented Red Light Green Light with a gory twist.

Since then, every childhood game that was played in the series was taken by storm by netizens. Which lead to them recreating their own versions of the games for leisure.

Red Light Green Light

The rules of the game are generally simple:

  1. Start with everyone along the starting line
  2. When the doll says “Green Light” everyone will move towards the finish line
  3. when the doll says “Red Light” everyone must immediately stop
  4. If players are still moving when you call “Red Light”,  they lose the game
  5. All participating players must reach the finish line within the timer

Though this game mode does not relate to the elements of Free Fire, it is a fun twist that Garena has taken to keep players entertain which I can say for myself, it really is.

The best part about this game mode is that you feel the pressure of completing the race without losing in such a short time window which gives a different kind of adrenaline.

After all, I guess most of us players take this game mode seriously as if we were participating in Squid Game itself.

Let us know what do you guys think about this game mode? Fun? Boring? Unnecessary?



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