What are the rewards for Free Fire’s latest Elite Pass 27: Sushi Menace?

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We’re going to talk about Garena Free Fire’s latest Elite Pass: Sushi Menace! Food is always a great thing right? What if it’s in a game? No, we mean as an Elite Pass in a game. Confused?

Sushi Menace

Source: freefireclub.com

Okay we know, it’s not everyday that we get food involved in an Elite Pass (especially sushi!), but Garena Free Fire has done just that in it’s 27th Elite Pass. What in store this time around? What “fresh” rewards can we expect? Let’s take a look!

Source: Free Fire Official Youtube Channel

We’ve got an “ocean” of goodies available, and okay, we’ll stop joking around now. Garena Free Fire’s Elite Pass 27 is packing a ton of stuff. From the trailer alone, there are 9 items to look forward to. 

  • Sashimi Platter and Sashimi Boat Backpack
  • Salmon Surfer
  • Sushi Menace Grenade and Oriental Print M1873
  • Oriental Print Katana
  • Sports Car – Oni Devil
  • Ramen Slayer Bundle
  • Sashimi Slasher Bundle
Source: freefireclub.com

The Elite Pass bundle will be available for preorder at just 900 Diamonds (normal price 1500 Diamonds). Speaking of preorders, there’s an exclusive reward, and it’s an Oni Mask! You can get your Garena Free Fire Diamonds at SEAGM, and purchase the Sushi Menace Elite Pass today to secure the Oni Mask preorder rewards. Above all, you’ll be one of the first to experience it!

What do you guys think of the Sushi Menace Elite Pass? Let us know in the comments section below! Also, have you guys read about Garena Free Fire’s OB23 update? It’s got some pretty awesome stuff included as well!

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