More evidence solidifies Fortnite Switch port

by Sammy Chan
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Fortnite is taking over the world, one console at a time and it’s finally getting on Nintendo Switch. So when the news of Fortnite Switch port started surfacing, people were skeptical. This is reasonable since it all began with a floor plan of E3 off of 4Chan.
The list of games that are getting a booth included Dragon Ball FighterZ, Paladins, and Fortnite – just to name a few. Kotaku, later on, confirmed the authenticity of the document plus the port of Fortnite to Switch.

Further crossplay possibility with Fortnite on Switch?

In comparison to the PlayStation and Xbox, the Switch definitely has its limit in terms of hardware capability. However, Fortnite runs fine on iOS, with the Android version coming soon, it was only a matter of time it got on the Switch. The Korean Game Rating Board has posted a rating regarding the Fortnite Switch port to further confirm it. On top of that, an anonymous source from Epic Games confirms this as well to Kotaku.
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On the rating board, though, the description of Fortnite was “collect resources and build defensive fortresses to stop monsters”. The description pretty much describes the other less loved portion of Fortnite – Save the World. Since there is no confirmed report of Battle Royale, the Switch port might be getting the PvE portion of the game. Though it doesn’t make sense for Epic Games to make a port and not include the star child of the family. So, it’s just a matter of time that they’ll add the PvP portion too.
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Are you looking forward to the cross play potential this will bring? Imagine everyone playing together with the exception of PlayStation and Xbox getting along. But hey, it’s still a huge step towards gaming with no boundaries.

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1 comment

Fauzan Sarif 19/02/2020 - 11:17 am

Im here for Fortnite =)

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