Scammers in World Of Warcraft

by SEAGM Editor
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Scamming in World of Warcraft is pretty common. Many had fallen victim to in-game scams and more are still being scammed.

It’s brought to our attention that there are groups of scammers in World of Warcraft.

Raid party – the Modus Operandi

These scammers pretended to provide raid service and asked the victim to buy Steam Wallet Code as payment.

Prepayment of Steam Wallet Code was asked to be given to them before they add the victim into the raid party.

Kindly note that such scam method is quite common. Hence it’s advisable not to fall victim to such scam.

WoW scam on Discord 1WoW scam on Discord 2WoW scam on Discord 3WoW scam on Discord 4

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