Final Fantasy XIV Eureka Patch New Mounts

by Sammy Chan
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Final Fantasy XIV is getting a new patch tomorrow on March 13. In this patch 4.25, players will finally get to step foot in the long-awaited Forbidden of Lank Eureka. Eureka is, according to the developer, a new and improved version of Diadem. Now, we’re all excited to be working on the elemental weapons but hey – the real end game here is obviously the new mounts. Check out these Eureka patch new mounts!


If this T-Rex seems familiar to you, that’s probably due to the fact that it’s a monster found in Dravanian Foreland! But of course, the wild version wouldn’t carry your stuff (or you). We’re guessing that this will be an exclusive mount from Eureka itself. We found this on the JP Blog here.
Eureka patch new mounts

Mad Scientist Floating Chair

Yep, that’s the chair from Ala Mhigo’s second boss – Aulus Mal Asina! However, this is a really rare mount since it is only obtainable if you’re literally the best. The Feast Season 7 will commence on the same day of patch release. This is the reward for those who can rank in the top 100 for this season. Good luck!
Eureka patch new mountsAre you looking forward to diving right into the land of Eureka or is this content another pass for you? The Forbidden Land of Eureka will feature an open-field type of gameplay. Due to the fact that FFXIV is mostly instance-based, the lack of activities happening anywhere outside is obvious. There’s no actual motivation to get involved with FATEs or do anything map related unless you’re hunting or looking for maps (which will eventually port you into another instance). Maybe Eureka will be the introduction to open-field content many of us are looking for!

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