Fortnite Cross-Platform Is Happening With One Exception

by Sammy Chan
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After the Fortnite team dropped that surprise announcement on us a few days ago about Fortnite coming to mobile, they also included another piece of news. In the near future, Fortnite cross-platform is something players can look forward to!

Microsoft Supports Cross-Platform Play

Microsoft has always been open to the idea of cross-platform gameplay. Connecting gamers regardless of their preferred device. Sony, on the other hand, has been a little harder to convince. We saw this when they refused to enable cross-platforming for Minecraft and Rocket League. Players from Xbox One, PC and Switch were, however, able to play with each other.

Unfair Advantages

Some may argue that cross-platform will lower the quality-of-life aspect in the game because players who play on certain devices have advantages. For instance, PC players may have an easier time at aiming compared to console players.
To counter this problem, Fortnite made it such that cross-play will be something you have to manually turn on. Reason being, cross-platforming is meant to be something that enables players to play with their friends on different devices. However, it is undeniable that some consoles make it easier to play that game. So don’t worry. PC players who only want to play against other PC players can just turn off the option and nothing will have changed.

Xbox One And PlayStation 4 Not Happening

According to a reply tweet from the Public Relations of Epic Games, Nick Chester, he’s confirmed that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will not be meeting. This is not an official statement, however, it was the outcome we expected. 

Game-changing For Fortnite?

Fortnite’s biggest competitor, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has not announced anything regarding cross-play in their game. To be fair, the team has been working on the optimization of the game on Xbox One and PC. This puts Fortnite a step ahead of PUBG as the idea of cross-platform will attract a lot of attention and expand its already massive player base. What devices will you be playing Fortnite on?

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